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Background Checks

Board Member Background Checks

Because a charter school's Board of Directors is charged with overseeing public dollars, every member of the Board must undergo an expanded background check per Section 3.3 of the charter agreement. It is the responsibility of the organizer to conduct all initial expanded background checks on existing board members as a precondition to signing the charter.

The ICSB requires charter school organizers to conduct expanded background checks on all new board members and on any member of a subcommittee or sub-board to which the organizer has delegated some charter school authority. Organizers are required to conduct background checks that will verify: 1) no offense described in IC § 20-26-5-11 has been committed; and 2) no theft, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, misrepresentation, or fraud has been committed. Below are several background check providers that are currently used by Indiana charter schools:

Any person convicted of the previous offenses shall be prohibited from serving on the board or any subcommittee or sub-board unless such prohibition is expressly waived by the Executive Director in writing.

School Staff and Volunteer Background Checks

Pursuant to IC § 20-26-5-10, all school corporations, including charter schools, must adopt a policy concerning criminal history information for individuals who: apply for employment with the school or who apply for employment with an entity with which the school corporation contracts; seek to enter into a contract to provide services to the school corporation; or who are employed by an entity that seeks to enter into a contract to provide services to the school corporation, if the individuals are likely to have direct, ongoing contact with children within the scope of the individual's employment. Additionally, per Section 8.4 of the ICSB Charter Agreement, any volunteers who have direct, ongoing contact with children must comply with the school's policy concerning criminal history.

A charter school must administer a policy adopted under this section uniformly for all individuals to whom the policy applies. This policy requires charter schools to conduct an expanded criminal background check, within 14 days of hiring or volunteering, that complies with Indiana Charter Board policy and that meets the definition of an expanded criminal background check under IC § 20-26-2-1.5 after obtaining any necessary consents from the individuals who are subject to the expanded criminal background checks.

The charter school may require the individual to provide a set of fingerprints and pay any fees required for the expanded criminal history check. Each applicant for noncertificated employment or certificated employment may be required at the time the individual applies to answer questions concerning the individual's expanded criminal history check. The failure to answer honestly questions asked under this subsection is grounds for termination of the employee's employment. The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with obtaining the expanded criminal history check. An applicant may not be required by a school corporation, charter school, or accredited nonpublic school to obtain an expanded criminal history check more than one (1) time during a five (5) year period.