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The Indiana Charter School Board's vision is that students throughout Indiana have access to high-performing public schools. The Indiana Charter School Board ("ICSB"), a statewide charter school authorizer, was created by the Indiana Legislature in May 2011 to provide families with high-quality educational options for their children through the charter schools it authorizes. These charter schools, which are tuition-free public schools, are open to all students who choose to enroll. Every charter school is overseen by a governing board that is responsible for ensuring the school's success, and operates under a five-year contract, referred to as the "charter." Once each year, the ICSB will evaluate the performance of each school it authorizes to ensure the school is providing a high-quality public school option for enrolled students. The report will be shared with the school’s leadership and the general public.

This section contains information that will help inform families and communities about ICSB-authorized schools. To learn more about charter schools authorized by the ICSB, please click here. To read general information about charter schools in Indiana, please visit the Charter School FAQs page in this section. To learn more about other Indiana charter school authorizers, please visit the Indiana Department of Education's Office of Charter Schools webpage. To learn more about schools in your community and selecting the right school for you and your family, please visit GreatSchools.

If you looking for options specifically in Indianapolis, please visit the Enroll Indy School Finder.  This tool allows families to compare traditional public, public charter and private schools in the Indianapolis area.