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Mission and Vision

The Indiana Charter School Board (“ICSB”) adopted a 5-Year Strategic Plan in June 2012 and has established the following vision, mission and guiding principles to direct the activities of the ICSB. To read the ICSB’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan, please click here.


The ICSB’s vision is that students throughout Indiana have access to high-performing public schools.


The ICSB’s mission is to authorize and hold accountable a portfolio of high-performing charter schools in which students achieve high levels of growth and graduate prepared for college and careers.

Guiding Principles

Students First. When performing its duties, the ICSB always assesses whether its actions will further the best interests of students.

High Expectations. The ICSB expects the charter schools it authorizes to set high academic achievement expectations, develop strong plans for family and community engagement, and adhere to high ethical standards for students, staff and board members. Similarly, the ICSB establishes high performance expectations, engagement plans and ethical standards for itself.

Excellence in Leadership. Operating a high-performing charter school requires excellent leadership from school boards and staff. The ICSB authorizes schools that can demonstrate strong leadership at both the school governance and administrative levels.

Commitment to Innovation. The ICSB is particularly interested in operators that show strong potential to accelerate student success through dramatically different school models, instructional strategies, uses of technology, staffing models, governance arrangements, family and community engagement strategies, and other approaches.

Rigorous and Transparent Accountability. The ICSB holds schools accountable for performance through rigorous and transparent accountability mechanisms that uphold schools’ autonomy, foster excellence, and protect student and public interests. In turn, the ICSB is held to a high performance bar by the State Board of Education.