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FY 2015-18 Strategic Plan

Indianapolis - The Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) approved its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2015-18 today. The Strategic Plan establishes a framework for achieving the ICRC's mission to stop and remedy unlawful discrimination, so that the State of Indiana might soon realize the Commission's vision of justice and equality. Implementation of the new Strategic Plan will begin immediately.

"In approving the Strategic Plan, the ICRC today is taking a significant step toward realizing the Commission's vision of ending discrimination and promoting equal opportunity in the State of Indiana," said ICRC Executive Director Jamal L. Smith. "I am very pleased with the hard work of staff across the agency who provided assistance throughout the planning process, and I look forward to the successful implementation of the plan."

The Strategic Plan serves as the framework for the Commission to achieve its mission by focusing on three strategic objectives:

  • To effectively educate Hoosiers on civil rights issues
  • To provide efficient service to Indiana residents
  • To better understand civil rights issues statewide

The three strategic objectives each have a number of performance measures detailing outcomes to be achieved during the four year period the plan is in effect. The different outcomes are designed to measure the Commission's progress in carrying out its mission in a time of static resources and a growing need for services.

The plan was created by work groups comprised of ICRC staff, with a broad range of internal and external expertise and understanding of the programs and activities conducted within the agency.

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