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Become a Fair Housing Agent

Be a Fair Housing Agent for the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC)Fair Housing Agents are trained individuals who simulate the circumstances of alleged discriminatory treatment. Their responsibility is to observe what occurs and record their experiences. It is the policy of the ICRC to recruit Fair Housing Program Agents from a wide variety of backgrounds including: men and women of all ages, various income levels, and a cross section of differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds, races, national origins and individuals with disabilities. 

Fair Housing Program Agents are a vital part of the litigation process and are paid per review.

Comprehensive training is provided. Please call 1-800-628-2909 for questions.

Completed Agent Application forms should be submitted to:

Indiana Civil Rights Commission
Attn: Pamela Cook, Fair Housing Program Coordinator
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N103
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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