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2015 Hearing Reports

The first two letters in the docket number refer to the category of the claim.

HO= Housing
PA= Public Accommodation
ED= Education
EM= Employment

The second set of two letters refer to the area of discrimination.

ra= Race
re= Religion
no= National Origin
se= Sex
ha= Handicap
sh= Sexual Harassment

The first two numbers are the year in which the case was filed and the second set of two numerals is the month.

Docket No. HOha15050326
Commission v. Diane Craig

Docket No. HOra15010025
Commission v. Park Regency Apartments and Urban Park Regency, LP

Docket No. EMha13101577
St. John v. Nancy's Main Street Diner

Docket No. Para13101559
Shaw v. M & M Stump and Tree William Mohr

Docket No. HOfs14050376
Commission v. Donald & Jacqueline Boyer

Docket No. EMha14010034
Galvan v. Alliance EMS/Transport Loving Care, Inc. 

Docket No. EMra14010031
Wilson v. Honda Manufacturing of Indiana

Docket No. EMrt14110899
Nash v. Indiana Dept. of Corrections - Camp Summit Boot Camp

Docket No. HOha14120961
Commission v. Herman & Kittles Properties, Inc. 

Docket No. HOha12081391
Commission v. Meridian Court LP

Docket No. 470-2013-03513
Marshall v. Sugar Creek Group, LLC

Docket No. EMha13051172
Hughes v. Howard County Sheriff's Dept.

Docket No. EMha09110412
Lisenbee v. The Care Group, LLC

Docket No. PAra11120863
Inman v. Fifth Third Bank

Docket No. 470-2013-03538
Vernon v. Sugar Creek Group, LLC, d/b/a Sugar Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation

Docket No. EDsh11110786
Lewis v. Creative Hairstyling Academy, n/k/a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

Docket No. Emse13011678
Whitfield v. Metropolitan Facility Services Enterprises, Inc.

Docket No. EMse12010897
Ogden v. Patriot Municipal Utility

Docket No. EMha12031042
Jankowski v. Deja Vu Love Boutique

Docket No. HOha14090718
Smith v. Wernke/Hunter's Ridge Apartments

Docket No. HOha14090702
Smith v. Pedcor Management

Docket No. HOra14090734
Smith v. Garden City Trailer Park

Docket No. EDha08100620
Bridgewater v. Fishers Adolescent Catholic Enrichment Society, Inc.

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