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2013 Hearing Reports

The first two letters in the docket number refer to the category of the claim.

HO= Housing
PA= Public Accommodation
ED= Education
EM= Employment

The second set of two letters refer to the area of discrimination.

ra= Race
re= Religion
no= National Origin
se= Sex
ha= Handicap
sh= Sexual Harassment

The first two numbers are the year in which the case was filed and the second set of two numerals is the month.

Docket No. EMse12041101
Barbour v. Solar Tek Energy

Docket No. EMse12041123
Dotts v. D R Poultry Sexing Service

Docket No. EMha1100654
Gibson v. Detro Trailer Sales

Docket No. PAra12091459
Johnson v. Harbor Freight Tools USA

Docket No. HOfs11080502
Smith v. Melling

Docket No. EMha1060260
Spaulding v. Sweet Home Chicago Restaurants

Docket No. EMse12031035
Gonzalez v. Showgirl One

Docket No. EDra11050257
Lark v. Vogue Beauty College

Docket No. PAha10100472
Creasy v. Northwest Pizza

Docket No. EMse11100664
Benton v. Eagle Care, LLC

Docket No. HOha11020079
Smith v. AIM Management

Docket No. EMha10030126
Gray v. Shangri-La, LLC

Docket No. EMra11020074and EMra11030091
Stevens and Driver-Hague v. Metropolitan School District of Pike

Docket No. EMsh11030099
Wright v. Goldies, Inc.

Docket No. EMsh11040161
Moore v. King Gyros of Angelo's, Inc.

Docket No. EMsh11040172
Simpson v. Preferred Towing & Recovery, Inc.

Docket No. EMsh10060256
Sheets, Kares and Smith v. Masco Entertainment, LLC d/b/a Fireside Brewhouse

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