2008 Hearing Reports

The first two letters in the docket number refer to the category of the claim.

HO= Housing
PA= Public Accommodation
ED= Education
EM= Employment

The second set of two letters refer to the area of discrimination.

ra= Race
re= Religion
no= National Origin
se= Sex
ha= Handicap
sh= Sexual Harassment

The first two numbers are the year in which the case was filed and the second set of two numerals is the month.

Docket No. EMra05120617
Govain-Latimer v. Ridgelawn Funeral Home

Docket No. HOre07060289
Simpson v. Jenkins

Docket No. EMha05050321
Mickle v. Columbus Pediatric Dentistry, PC; and Carl Bell, D.D.S.

Docket No. PAre05040238
Salyer v. Adams County-Parks and Recreation, Faurote, City of Decatur, and County of Adams

Docket No. PAra05030177
Pendleton v. Steak n' Shake

Docket No. EMra05020090
Jones v. American Senior Communities, LLC d/b/a Spring Mill Meadows

Docket No. PAra05020086
Pendleton v. Steak n' Shake

Docket No. EMha05080412
Baker v. Kendred Healthcare d/b/a Regency Place of Greenfield

Docket No. EMra06090400
Eversole v. Spurlino Materials

Docket No. HOha07050228
Beal v. Colleen Olund, Mishawaka Housing Authority

Docket No. EMsh06010020
Dillon v. Pierceton Rubber Products, Inc.

Docket No. EMsh06010021
Phend v. Pierceton Rubber Products, Inc.

Docket No. EMha05120630
Mead v. Morrison's TV and Appliance

Docket No. EMre05090468
Mathias v. Fall Creek Dentistry, P.C.

Docket No. EMre05090464
Johnson v. Fall Creek Dentistry, P.C.

Docket No. EMha05020087
Stone v. Pinnacle Credit Union

Docekt No. HOha07120616
Beach b/n/f Evans v. Concord Square Apartments

Docket No. HOha07040187
McGhee v. Royer, Curtis, Townsend

Docket No. PAha05090507
Garrett v. Bristol-Washington Township Public Library

Docket No. EMra07030110
Brock v. Kahn's Fine Wines & Spirits

Docket No. EMra07120609
Norman v. Doctors Plus, PC

Docket No. HOse08030135
Parker v. La Grou

Docket No. EMra07120593
Clinton v. Koontz-Wagner Electric Company

Docket No. EMha07110543
Meade v. Saint Francis Hospital

Docket No. PAra06110525
Russell v. Grand Victoria Casino

Docket No. EMha06110489
Clem v. Covington-Veederburg Public Library

Docket No. EMse06060231
Dennis v. First National Bank & Trust and Harris N.A.

Docket No. PAha05120602
Hayden o/b/o Hurd v. 10030 Corporation d/b/a Bubbaz Bar & Grill

Docket No. PAra05010015
Utley v. Rolling Stock, LTD. d/b/a Jim White's Auto Sales

Docket No. EMse07070350
Corbin v. Extendicare dba Danville Regional Rehabilitation

Docket No. EDha04030106
Young v. University of Evansville