2010 Hearing Reports

The first two letters in the docket number refer to the category of the claim.

HO= Housing
PA= Public Accommodation
ED= Education
EM= Employment

The second set of two letters refer to the area of discrimination.

ra= Race
re= Religion
no= National Origin
se= Sex
ha= Handicap
sh= Sexual Harassment

The first two numbers are the year in which the case was filed and the second set of two numerals is the month.

Docket No. PAha09080258
Rembert o/b/o Rembert v. Foot Locker Retail, Inc.

Docekt No. EMra08030195
Calvin v. Club Demonstration Services, Inc.

Docket No. HOha10060281
Hawkins v. Indian Springs Apartments, LLC

Docket No. EDra06110484
Lee o/b/o Lee v. Plymouth Community School Corporation

Docket No. HOra08100647
Womack v. Webb and Prestige Homes

Docket No. EMha09060195
Bayh v. Samples and Firestone Greenwood

Docket No. PAno08100637
Howard v. Martin & Bayley, Inc. d/b/a Huck's Food & Fuel

Docket No. PAra08080470
Smith v. Tri Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a Landsharks

Docket No. EMse07020074
Sullivan v. Revol Cell Phones/Sweet Tooth, and Millenium Innovations, Inc.

Docket No. EMra09010034
Ellis v. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Docket No. HOno10050217
Smith v. Freedom Mortgage-Corporate Office

Docket No. HOha10040168
Smith v. Serenity House, Inc.

Docket No. HOha10030139
Smith v. Zender, Partner; and Zender Family Limited Partnership

Docket No. EMse08020064
Troxell v. Star Homes, Inc. d/b/a Garden Home Realty

Docket No.EMha08040200
Shirley v. Majestic Star Casino & Hotel

Docket No. EDra06050162
Jackson v. Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township

Docket No. HOha10010024
Smith v. Jeffersonville Housing Authority

Docket No. EMse07080418
Dicks v. A Better Way, Inc.

Docket No. EMra08090603
Davis v. Pepsi Americas, Inc.

Docket No. EMha08120722
Vanel v. Carrier Corporation

Docket No. EMra09060206B
Dorn v. Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc.

Docket No. EMha08110670
Abernathy v. Fountain Foundry Corporation

Docket No. EMsh09080262
Heal v. Stephens

Docket No. EDra07050211
Hostetler for West v. Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp

Docket No. EMse09090334
Bentley v. Bousis d/b/a East Chicago Market

Docket No. EDra07060264
Maike o/b/o Greene v. Penn-Harris_Madison School Corp

Docket No. HOfs08080522
National Fair Housing Alliance v. Poulikidas

Docket No. EMrt08110696
Brown v. T & K Pretzel, Inc.

Docket No. EMra08030185
Hines v. Cast Products

Docket No. EMra05090476
Graves v. DB Sales, Inc. d/b/a Burd Automall; Burd Automotive, Inc. d/b/a Burd

Docket No. EMse06100460
Holman v. City of Portage Parks and Recreation Department

Docket No. EMra08010023
Butler v. Correction Corporation of America/Marion

Docket No. EMha07080425
Youngman v. Hoilday Health Care, Corp.

Docket No. EMsh08090560
Goforth v. Hisada America

Docket No. PAha08110690
Ault v. Area 10 Agency on Aging Rural Transit