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Request a Letter of Recommendation

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Request a Letter of Recommendation from The Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (ICHLA).

Hispanics/Latinos make up 7.9% of Indiana’s population (US Census Bureau, 2023) so our State Boards and Commissions should be representative of that. To amplify your voice and the community together, ICHLA has implemented its Letter of Recommendation program. Please complete the following questions for a letter of recommendation. Receiving a letter of recommendation will be contingent upon answering the following questions truthfully and in a timely manner.


Factors to Consider to serve on a State Board or Commission

Serving the State of Indiana on a board or commission is both an honor and a privilege. Public service, however, is not for everyone. Individuals applying for a board or commission should be aware of the following:

As expected in an open and democratic government, the activities of boards and commissions are subject to public and press scrutiny.

Applicants who are selected by the Governor to serve will be required to complete a financial disclosure statement and pass a criminal background check as conditions of serving on the board or commission.

Most boards and commissions meet quarterly; however, some boards may meet more or less frequently due to the responsibilities and functions of the board.

Unless otherwise specified by law, members of boards and commissions do not receive per diem stipends.


Click Here To Request a Letter of Recommendation

To see a list a of State Boards and Commissions, click HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact INFO@ICHLA.IN.GOV.

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