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Civil War Collection: Regimental Correspondence - index to microfilm rolls

Regimental Correspondence is available for the following regiments of Indiana Volunteer Infantry troops, Cavalry, and Artillery units. Correspondence is also available for the 28th USCT (a federal regiment comprised mostly of African American Hoosiers).

Roll #RegimentNotes
0106th IVI 
0207th IVI 
0308th IVI 
0409th IVI 
0510th IVI 
0611th IVIspans 2 rolls
0711th IVIspans 2 rolls
0812th IVI 
0913th IVI 
1014th IVI 
1115th IVI 
1216th IVI 
1317th IVI 
1418th IVI 
1519th IVI 
1620th IVIspans 2 rolls
1720th IVIspans 2 rolls
1821st IVI1st Indiana Heavy Artillery - spans 2 rolls
1921st IVI1st Indiana Heavy Artillery - spans 2 rolls
2022nd IVIspans 2 rolls
2122nd IVIspans 2 rolls
2223rd IVI 
2324th IVI 
2425th IVI 
2526th IVI 
2627th IVI 
2728th IVI1st Indiana Cavalry
2829th IVI 
2930th IVI 
3031st IVI 
3132nd IVI 
3233rd IVI 
3334th IVI 
3435th IVIspans 2 rolls
3535th IVIspans 2 rolls
3636th IVI 
3737th IVI 
3838th IVI 
3939th IVI 
4040th IVI 
4141st IVI2nd Indiana Cavalry
4242nd IVI 
4343rd IVI 
4444th IVI 
4545th IVI3rd Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
4645th IVI3rd Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
4746th IVI 
4847th IVI 
4948th IVI 
5049th IVI 
5150th IVI 
5251st IVI 
5352nd IVI 
5453rd IVI 
5554th IVI 
5655th IVI 
5756th IVI 
5857th IVI 
5958th IVI 
6059th IVI 
6160th IVI 
6261st IVI 
6362nd IVI 
6463rd IVIspans 2 rolls
6563rd IVIspans 2 rolls
6664th IVI 
6765th IVI 
6866th IVI 
6967th IVI 
7068th IVI 
7169th IVI 
7270th IVI 
7371st IVIspans 2 rolls
7471st IVIspans 2 rolls
7572nd IVI 
7673rd IVI 
7774th IVI 
7875th IVI 
7976th IVI 
8077th IVI4th Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
8177th IVI4th Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
8278th IVI 
8379th IVI 
8480th IVI 
8581st IVI 
8682nd IVI 
8783rd IVI 
8884th IVI 
8985th IVI 
9086th IVI 
9187th IVI 
9288th IVI 
9389th IVI 
9490th IVI5th Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
9590th IVI5th Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
9691st IVI 
9793rd IVI 
9892nd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 98th IVI 
9997th IVI 
10099th IVI 
101100th IVI 
102101st IVI 
103102nd through 114th IVIMorgan’s Raid Regiments
104115th through 118th IVI 
105119th IVI7th Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
106119th IVI7th Indiana Cavalry - spans 2 rolls
107120th IVI 
108121st IVI9th Indiana Cavalry
109123rd IVI 
110124th IVI 
111125th IVI10th Cavalry
112126th IVI11th Cavalry
113127th IVI12th Cavalry
114128th IVI 
115129th IVI 
116130th IVI 
117131st IVI13th Cavalry
118132nd through 139th IVI 
119140th through 141st IVI 
120142nd IVI 
121143rd IVI 
122144th IVI 
123145th IVI 
124146th IVI 
125147th IVI 
126148th IVI 
127149th IVI 
128150th IVI 
129151st IVI 
130152nd IVI 
131153rd IVI 
132154th IVI 
133155th IVI 
134156th IVI 
135157th through 158th IVI(158th) 2nd Artillery
13601st-04 th Battery 
13705th through 09th Battery 
13810th through 16th Battery 
13917th through 22nd Battery 
14022nd through 26th Battery 
14128th United States Colored Troops (USCT) 

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