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Historic Baby Names

Historic baby names are increasingly popular with parents. Sure, you could go with one of 2023’s most popular names like Charlotte, Evelyn, or Theodore. Or you could get inspiration from our collections! We searched our holdings to create a list of the most unusual or unique names we could find. We think any of these names would be a great fit for any baby!

These are the perfect names if you envision your future child to have a promising career in politics:

  • Americus
  • Electious (WPA Index for the Wabash & Erie Canal before 1850)
  • Veto
    • Think how much power baby Veto could wield!

Looking for a unique ‘Q’ name without having to resort to Quintin or Quincy? Try:

  • Quartillion
    • They are guaranteed to be the only kid in their class with this name, likely the only kid in a quartillion with this name.

Have multiple children and want to make sure each has their own unique name (and to make remembering each name quick and easy)?

  • Babe
  • Brotha
  • Youngest
    • We highly recommend using this name for the youngest child, otherwise confusion might ensue!

Are you an outdoorsy family? These names might be of interest to you:

  • Pebbles
  • Forest Foliage Falconberry (Gold Star Book deceased Oct. 1918)
    • Honestly, any part of this name would make a perfect name for a baby!
  • Fern Pancake (Sister of a Gold Star Soldier)
    • See also Foodie Family
  • Dizy Snow (1870s Marion Co. Common Pleas)
    • We think this could make an adorable first and middle name.
  • Rhuby
    • Rubies are known to be popular and durable, just like your little one.
  • The Branch family: Emmett Forrest Branch, Olive Branch, Leafy Branch, and Franks Oak Branch
    • Emmett Forrest Branch was the first Indiana University graduate to become Governor. Think of what your future Branch baby could accomplish with a name like that!

Always on the lookout for your next foodie find and need a baby name? Can I suggest:

  • Pleasant Pickle (1885 Supreme Court Case #39598, Box 2429)
  • Fern Pancake (Sister of a Gold Star Soldier)
    • This name is so good, it’s on the list twice!
  • Mickelberry
    • Not sure what kind of berry this is, but it’d make a unique middle name
  • Mary Derryberry (Girls School ca. 1921)
    • Another unknown berry, but make it rhyme

Want a name that will confuse your family and friends? We got you covered:

  • Shade Shutter (1883 G.A.R. Charter, Post 255)
  • Eulola
    • “Ooh la la, it’s Eulola”
  • Orfa Fairy
  • Bazzle (WPA index, Land Rec. before 1850)
    • “C’mon Bazzle, Give 'em the old razzle dazzle. Razzle Dazzle 'em.”
  • Cleotis
  • Wibble
    • “Do your chores, Wibble.” It just rolls off the tongue.
  • Asmayvath

Colorful names should be all the rage. Start a new fad with this name:

  • Pink Brown (Harrison Co. voting list ca.1904-1910)

Can you already tell the little one is going to be mischievous? Test out this name for a bit:

  • High Jinks (Civil War Draft Enrollment)
    • Warning: Giving your child this name might encourage an above average amount of hi-jinks.

Need a legendary name for a legendary child?

  • Isis Snow White (Teacher licenses ca. 1920)
    • Better start learning “Whistle While You Work” now if you want woodland creatures to help you clean.
  • T. Guy Perfect – AKA Mr. Perfect
    • Manifesting good things for your Mr. Perfect

Want to celebrate your favorite holiday year-round? These names are perfect to keep you in the holiday spirit:

  • Christmas (WPA Index Crawfordsville before 1850)
  • Valentine Day (Civil War Draft Enrollment Sugar Creek Township, Parke Co.

We would love to know what unique baby names you are able to find in our indexes: IARA: Search Archives Holdings.

For more information on IARA’s collections, email us at or call 317-591-5222.