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Training Workshop: Records & Information Management for State Government

NOTE: this course is currently unavailable due to pandemic health and safety issues. Once instructor-led trainings resume at the State Personnel Training Center, we'll list the next schedule dates on the information page linked above.


During normal operations, this Workshop is offered four times per year and provides current information on the management and preservation of public records for State Government agencies.

(Rules and processes for county and local government offices, including public schools and libraries, have some significant differences from the material covered in this course. Employees of those offices should visit IARA's County/Local Records Management page for a selection of information and resources that apply to your records, and should use the contact information on that page to speak with our County/Local Records Analyst about any upcoming training opportunities.)

The Records and Information Management workshop for state employees covers:

  • understanding, following, and updating records retention schedules
  • storage, destruction, and permanent archiving procedures
  • the benefits and challenges of  various record formats, including electronic records

The class is specifically designed to instruct the official Records Coordinators of state agencies, but is open to any state government employee with an interest or work assignment in records management. There is a maximum of 25 participants for each workshop.

A zipped file of all class materials (including the Powerpoint Presentation) is available for those who'd like to take an advance look at the course content, or who have already taken the course and would like the collected materials for agency reference.

Class lasts from 9 a.m. to approximately noon, eastern time, and is held in the State Personnel Training Center on the ground floor of the Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis. (The specific training room varies; enrollees will be informed of the location by State Personnel.)

The 2020 class date was February 13. Remaining classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19 safety, but will return as soon as instructor-led classes resume at the state Training Center. At that time, the next scheduled classes will be listed here.

Please see our online offerings for an alternative solution; completing all three online courses provides the equivalent education on basic Records Management topics.


How to Enroll (during normal operations)

State employees can self-enroll by accessing State Personnel's ELM Learning Center.

  1. After logging in with your standard Peoplesoft ID and password, click the search icon (magnifying glass) on the right side of the screen, at the top of the page, and search for SPD_00057. That will bring up the Information and Records Management class and allow you to enroll.
  2. Because it's instructor-led training, it requires supervisor approval; the Peoplesoft system will automatically send your supervisor an e-mail when you enroll, with a link so that they can approve it.

IARA staff are unable to assist with any aspect of the Peoplesoft system; the enrollment process (including approvals and cancellations) is managed entirely through the Training Division of the Indiana State Personnel Department.  

For assistance with Peoplesoft ELM enrollments, or  information on directions, parking, and accessibility, please contact State Personnel's Training Division at SPDTraining@spd.in.gov.

Alternative/Additional Records Management Training

IARA's Records Management division also offers three online tutorials for state employees. If traveling to Indianapolis is difficult or cost-prohibitive, or you'd prefer to avoid waiting until the next in-person training date, the combination of all three online courses provides most of the same information, and is a great temporary substitute or anytime refresher. Learn more here about how to enroll in the digital courses, plus how save a not-for-credit reference copy of each for offline review!