Indianapolis-Marion County Employees


Marion County Employee Cards like the one above are available through the Indiana State Archives. Most list brief biographical information and have a photograph attached. Patrons may order 8x10 prints of just the photograph or the entire card.

Name Service
Adam, Wilbur N. Fire
Adams, Artie B. Police
Adams, Burl Police
Adams, Carl S. Police
Adkins, Earl C. Fire
Adkins, Earl E. Other
Adkins, Howard W. Other
Admire, James Police
Adolay, Ernest Fire
Adolay, Joe H. Fire
Agal, Frank W. Fire
Ake, Francis J. Other
Aker, Herbert T. Fire
Alber, Noah T. Other
Albers, Ed J. Fire
Albers, William C. Police
Alberts, Vernon Police
Albertsmeyer, Herman B. Police
Albertson, Otis Other
Albrecht, August W. Fire
Alcon, Otto W. Fire
Aldrich, James F. Police
Aldrich, R. Fire
Alexander, Frank Fire
Alexander, Jesse E. Fire
Alexander, Joseph Other
Alexander, Walter G. Other
Alexander, William Fire
Alford, John L. Police
Alkire, Jack Police
Allen, Earnest Other
Allen, Frank D. Fire
Allen, Frank D. Police
Allen, John Fire
Allen, Noble A. Police
Allison, Forrest W. Police
Allison, John L. Police
Alltop, Otis Other
Ambler, John A. Police
Ambrose, Chas Fire
Ambuhl, John E. Police
Amos, Clarence D. Fire
Anderson, Chas M Police
Anderson, Christine C. Other
Anderson, Elmer C. Other
Anderson, Frank Police
Anderson, Frank O. Other
Anderson, George M. Police
Anderson, William Fire
Anderson, William H. Fire
Anding, Phillip B. C. Other
Anthis, Martin D. Fire
Anthony, Edith M. Other
Arlington, Frank Police
Armitage, Fred Police
Armstrong, Clarence Police
Armstrong, Thomas H. Fire
Arnold, Clarence A. Fire
Arnold, Frank Fire
Arnold, Henry Fire
Arnold, Jesse L. Fire
Arnold, William Fire
Arthur, William J. Fire
Asch, Adolph Police
Askew, Henry J. Police
Askren, Edward V. Other
Atkins, Bert Fire
Aulls, Thomas A. Police
Aulte, Dallas V. Other
Awsdew, Fred Police
Bailey, George E. Fire
Bailey, Irvin Police
Bailey, Otis Fire
Bain, Patrick Police
Bair, Roland R. Other
Baker, Alma E. Police
Baker, Elmer Police
Baker, Emma C. Police
Baker, George W. Police
Baker, Henry Police
Baker, Jason Fire
Baker, Lester C. Police
Baker, Lewis A. Police
Baker, Otis Police
Baker, Wilbern Police
Baker, William P. Fire
Bales, Grant Fire
Ball, Arch D. Police
Ball, Barrett W. Police
Ball, Edwin C Jr. Police
Ball, Ora C. Police
Ball, Randall M. Fire
Ball, William T. Other
Ballard, William Police
Balph, Frank O. Fire
Bandy, Walter Police
Bankert, Howard H. Police
Banks, Roy C. Police
Bardash, Nicholas Police
Barge, Curtis Police
Barker, Erwin C. Police
Barker, W. S. Police
Barlow, Frederick E. Fire
Barlow, George F. Police
Barlow, John Fire
Barmfuhrer, Charles Police
Barmfuhrer, Walter C. Police
Barnaby, Thomas E. Police
Barnes, Albert C. Fire
Barnes, Earl W. Other
Barnes, Edward J. Fire
Barnett, Kirby Police
Barrett, John M. Fire
Barrett, Thomas F. Fire
Barry, Edward J. Police
Bartlett, LeRoy C. Police
Barton, Homer L Other
Baskeville, Albert J. Fire
Bastin, William A. Police
Bates, John Police
Bauer, Charles E. Police
Bauer, Joseph P. Other
Bauman, Charles A. Police
Beals, Robert J. Police
Bear, Hague W. Police
Beauchamp, Fred Police
Beaver, George R. Other
Beck, Benedict Fire
Becker, Charles W. Fire
Beckman, William Police
Bedford, Harvey W. Police
Beeker, Clifford F. Police
Beeson, George P. Police
Belch, John Police
Bell, Benjamin A. Police
Bell, Glen S. Fire
Belton, Edward J. Fire
Benjamin, Albert A. Other
Bennett, Norvel Police
Bennett, Roy Fire
Bennett, Samuel Police
Bensley, Franklin A. Police
Bereman, Ernest L. Fire
Berry, John Fire
Bess, Charles Police
Bess, Roy Other
Bevis, Charlie C. Fire
Bevuauer, Charles A. Police
Bevuauer, Charles B. Police
Beyer, Irene Police
Beyers, Carl F. Fire
Billeter, Ralph J. Fire
Bird, Ernest R. Police
Bishop, Lewis G. Fire
Bittle, Joseph Other
Bixler, Edward J. Police
Black, James M. Police
Blackburn, Fred Fire
Blackwell, Fred
Blackwell, John Fire
Bledsoe, Thomas T. Police
Blickenstaff, Irwin Police
Block, A. L. Other
Blumberg, Samuel Police
Board, Robert F. Other
Bock, Otto A. Police
Bolen, Frank Police
Boling, Paul Fire
Bollinger, Harry Fire
Boner, C. E. Police
Bookwalter, Charles A. Other
Borger, Conrad Fire
Boss, Charles Other
Bottoms, Maurice P. Police
Boughton, Leonard
Bounds, Ernest Police
Bowen, Raleigh E. Fire
Bowman, Bert Police
Bowman, Lee A. Police
Boylan, John P. Police
Bradley, George Police
Brady, Edward Police
Brady, William F. Police
Bramlett, Davis B. Fire
Branam, Lee
Branch, Elmer Police
Brandes, H. A. Fire
Brandes, John E. Fire
Brandes, Roy H. Fire
Brandon, Orval R. Police
Brannon, James Fire
Branson, Margaret M. Other
Braughton, Earl C. Other
Braughton, Fred Police
Braughton, Guy Police
Braughton, Harry D. Fire
Braun, Carl G. Fire
Braun, Frank A. Fire
Bray, Edward S. Police
Bray, Rachel Police
Bray, Thomas
Breedlove, Barnett W. Fire
Breneman, William T. Fire
Brennan, Fred Police
Brennan, George F.
Brennan, Greg H. Other
Brennan, John Fire
Breshong, Donald R. Police
Brewer, Hethe H. Other
Brickley, William C. Police
Bridge, Hiram B. Other
Bridwell, Harry Police
Briggs, James
Briggs, William Fire
Bright, William B. Police
Britton, Charles O. Jr Fire
Brookhart, B. Pierce
Brooks, Chas C. Fire
Brooks, Frank T. Police
Brooks, H. M. Police
Brooks, Harry W. Police
Brooks, Labe Fire
Brooks, William Police
Brown, Carl H.
Brown, Clifford Police
Brown, Earl T. Fire
Brown, Edward H. Police
Brown, Fred W.
Brown, George T. Police
Brown, John Police
Brown, Richard H. Fire
Brown, Thomas B. Police
Brown, Walter J.
Browner, Fred Fire
Bruce, Eugene E. Police
Bruce, Murray Fire
Bruce, Robert Fire
Bruder, Herman C.
Brumfield, Charles A. Police
Brummett, (No first name)
Bruner, Arthur P. Fire
Bruner, Horace L.
Brunmemer, John W.
Brunner, Ora A. Police
Buchanan, R. C. Fire
Buck, Anna M. Other
Bulmer, William Fire
Bunch, William
Burge, Carl M.
Burgess, Russell E. Fire
Burk, Cauford Police
Burke, James F. Police
Burks, George L. Fire
Burns, Kenneth W. Fire
Burns, Michael P. Police
Burris, Alphonso W. Police
Burris, Claude Fire
Burris, Henry J. Police
Buschor, Julius F. Fire
Butler, Patrick J. Fire
Butzke, Emil O. Fire
Byers, Herbert W. Fire
Byrum, George A. Police
Byrum, Irma G. Other
Cain, John J. Fire
Cain, Verlin B.
Caldwell, John P. Police
Caldwell, John P. Police
Callahan, Frank M. Fire
Camden, Elmer L Police
Campbell, Edgar Police
Campbell, Harry N. Fire
Campbell, Herbert Fire
Campbell, James M. Fire
Campbell, Robert Police
Cantlon, Mary K.
Carder, William W. Fire
Carey, Horace W. Fire
Carey, James J. Police
Carey, John Police
Carlisle, Edward Fire
Carlisle, William
Carliss, Michael Fire
Carnefix, Louis W.
Carnes, Albert E.
Carnes, Everett A.
Carr, Jas W. Police
Carson, William
Carter, Charles M. Police
Carter, Clyde T. Police
Carter, Daniel Police
Carter, Elzie O Police
Carter, James D. Police
Carter, Thomas O. Police
Carver, Charles E. Police
Casey, John Fire
Casey, William Fire
Caskey, William S Police
Cassady, James Fire
Caudell, Elisha
Cauldwell, William D. Police
Cavender, Charles E. Fire
Chamberlin, Cecil Fire
Chamness, Theodore E. Police
Chandler, William R. Fire
Charles, Ralph L. Fire
Chastain, Jonnie V.
Cheek, Charles B.
Cherry, William F. Police
Childers, Stephen L. Fire
Childress, William
Chisman, James M. Fire
Chitwood, Orel Police
Chitwood, Raymond C. Police
Christ, Henry Police
Church, Everett F. Police
Claffey, Walter F. Police
Claffry, Elmer J. C. Fire
Clapp, Arnie E. Fire
Clark, Anthony Police
Clark, Russell J. Fire
Clark, Virgil J. Fire
Clark, William M. Police
Clark, William M. Fire
Clary, Elmer E. Police
Clary, William J.
Clary, Worthington A. Police
Clay, Dale Fire
Clemens, Charles Police
Clements, LeRoy Fire
Clements, LeRoy M. Police
Clements, Theobold Fire
Clifford, Thomas Police
Cline, Hoyt L. Police
Clingler, William H. Fire
Cloyd, Thurman Police
Clune, William F. Fire
Coan, Truman L Fire
Cochrane, William Fire
Coghill, Charles W. Fire
Coker, Robert S. Fire
Colbert, Thomas F. Police
Cole, C. Edward Police
Coleman, John Police
Coleman, Walter Police
Coll, Dennis C. Fire
Collier, Wellington Police
Collins, James W. Police
Collins, Lillard T.
Collins, William H. Fire
Combs, Joseph
Combs, Maurice Fire
Compton, William Fire
Conaway, Roy F. Police
Condell, Harry A. Police
Conn, William J. Police
Conner, Roy Police
Connett, Bradley Fire
Connor, Harry N. Police
Connor, John M.
Conrad, Harlie
Converse, Alexander J. Police
Conway, Floyd J. Police
Conway, Frank A. Police
Cook, Henry Fire
Cook, William H. Fire
Cooker, Lew W. Other
Coombs, Fred Fire
Cooney, Harry Police
Coots, Charles E. Police
Coppes, Ira Police
Coppess, Ira Police
Corbin, Morris D. Police
Corcoran, Timothy Police
Cordrey, Robert T. Fire
Corlett, Oscar Police
Corrigan, John Police
Corydon, Martin A. Fire
Costello, J. F. Fire
Costello, John R. Fire
Cottrell, Robert J.
Covert, Oliver J. Police
Cox, George Fire
Cox, George E. Police
Cox, James Fire
Cox, Leonard Police
Cox, Walter H. Police
Cox, William Police
Cox, William L. Police
Crabb, John S. Police
Crabtree, James W. Police
Crahan, Thomas Fire
Craig, A. F. Fire
Craig, Obe Police
Crane, Leonard
Cravens, Walter J. Police
Cravens, William Police
Crickmore, Spurrier G.
Croan, Alfred A. Fire
Cronin, James Police
Cronley, Benjamin G. Fire
Crooke, Clara H.
Crosley, Harry Fire
Cross, John Police
Crouch, Benjamin F. Fire
Crouch, Charles B. Police
Crouch, Charles C. Police
Crouch, Charles E. Fire
Crouch, H. E.
Crouch, William J.
Crow, Lou
Crume, Garrett A. Fire
Cucu, Nick Fire
Culley, Charles E. Fire
Culley, George C. Police
Cullings, James Fire
Cummings, Dan F. Police
Cummings, Walter F. Police
Cunningham, John M. Police
Curan, David J. Police
Curran, Michael B. Fire
Curran, Patrick J. Fire
Curry, Lawrence Fire
Curry, Samuel Police
Curry, Van C.
Dailey, Homer I. Police
Daily, Frank Police
Dalton, John F. Police
Dalton, Wiliam Fire
Darland, Guy M. Fire
Daugherty, John Fire
Davidson, Charles M.
Davidson, John Police
Davie, Harrison C. Fire
Davis, Carl A. Fire
Davis, Charles E. C. Fire
Davis, Dennis F. Fire
Davis, Earl Police
Davis, Francis Police
Davis, Harry G. Fire
Davis, Harry G. Fire
Davis, Harry M. Fire
Davis, Horace C. Police
Davis, Metta
Davis, William E. Police
Dawson, Charles F. Police
Day, Amos Fire
Day, Clark E. Police
Day, Jesse R. Fire
Day, Jody B. Fire
DeBarr, Philip J. Police
DeBotkin, Leo Fire
DeKuled, John Fire
DeLong, Ernest Police
DeMoss, F. E. Police
DeRossette, John P.
DeRossette, Joseph Police
DeRossette, K. A. Police
DeVine, William A. Fire
DeVore, Augustus Police
Dean, Ralph Police
Deeter, Edgar C. Police
Deitrich, Earl
Delaney, Albert E. Fire
Delaney, Alvin Fire
Delaney, James Fire
Delaney, P. J. Police
Delaney, Patrick J. Police
Delaney, Peter W. Fire
Delatore, Frank G. Police
Delatore, Jas.
Denker, William Fire
Dennis, Martin L.
Dennis, Robert Police
Denny, Elizabeth M. Police
Denton, O. H. Fire
Denton, Thomas A. Fire
Devault, Robert F. Police
Deveney, Daniel J. Fire
Dever, William Police
Dickison, John F. Police
Dickison, John F.
Dickson, Mahlon C. Fire
Diener, Henry Police
Dilger, Fred C. Fire
Dillane, Matthew Fire
Dillane, Patrick Police
Diller, George W. Fire
Dillon, David B. Fire
Dillon, John J. Fire
Dillon, Joseph L. Fire
Ditman, Herbret W. Police
Ditmer, Henry L.
Dolan, Charles Police
Donahue, J. Albert Police
Donahue, James J. Fire
Donlan, Edward F. Fire
Donlan, James C.
Donohue, Matthew Fire
Doody, Jerry Fire
Dooley, L. W.
Dooley, Roy Fire
Doremus, Charles R. Fire
Dorsey, Jas. P
Dorsey, Samuel
Doughty, Harry J. Fire
Douglass, Ithamer K. Police
Dowling, John Police
Downey, Brandt
Downey, Charles M. Police
Doyle, James Fire
Doyle, John E. Fire
Drake, Alfred Police
Draper, Thomas C. Fire
Dreier, William C.
Drinkut, Fred H. Police
Driscoll, Arthur J. Fire
Driskell, William D. Police
Ducleus, Bertha Other
Duffy, Arthur E. Police
Duffy, Frank Police
Dugan, Bartley Fire
Dugan, Henry P. Police
Dugan, Hugh M. Police
Dugan, John Police
Dugan, John F.
Dugan, Lawrence E. Police
Dugan, Thomas F. Police
Dugan, Thomas M. Fire
Dunbar, Elmer L. Police
Duncan, Frank H. Police
Duncan, Harry B. Fire
Duncan, Thomas J. Fire
Dungan, Ralph F. Fire
Dungan, Robert C. Fire
Dunica, Ralph Fire
Dunlary, William E. Police
Dunn, Clement T. Police
Dunn, John M.
Dunwoody, Alexander Police
Durkle, Nell W. Other
Duval, T. J.
Duvall, Fred A. Fire
Duvall, J. Roland
Dwyer, Herbert L. Fire
Dwyer, John
Eads, Harry Police
Earl, Lawson H.
Eaton, James C.
Eaves, Thomas Fire
Edwards, Claude Fire
Edwards, Harry Fire
Egan, Mary A. Police
Eisenhut, John R. Police
Eisenhut, Thomas P. Police
Eldridge, Eugene R. Police
Ellenkamp, Henry Police
Eller, Horace O. Police
Elliott, Ernest E. Fire
Ellis, Marvin E. Police
Ely, Harry E. Police
Elzea, Hal Police
Emerson, Joseph E. Police
Engessen, Alfred R. Fire
Englebright, Emment W. Police
Englebright, William A. Police
Ennis, William G. Police
Ernst, Gustav Fire
Esselborn, William Fire
Etris, Clayton Police
Evans, Emerson Police
Evans, Victor R. Police
Everitt, Archie J.
Ewell, Charles Fire
Ewell, John Police
Fagin, Frank Police
Fahey, John Fire
Fahey, Martin Police
Fairhead, John F. Fire
Fairhead, Josephine Police
Fairhead, William Fire
Falkington, Carl
Fallevan, M. J. Police
Fallon, Martin Fire
Faning, Patrick Fire
Fanning, William J.
Farrell, James Police
Farrell, Martin Police
Fate, Frederick Fire
Faulkner, George A. Fire
Fausset, Don F. Fire
Feemeyer, Monroe J. Fire
Feeney, John D. Fire
Feeney, Thomas J. Police
Feeney, Timothy F. Police
Feeney, William Police
Fehrenbach, John L. Fire
Feltman, John G. Police
Felton, Charles H. Police
Felton, Hart Police
Fender, Ralph R. Fire
Ferguson, Virgil T. Fire
Ferguson, Walter G. Police
Ferris, Alexander Police
Fesler, William B. Police
Fickel, Albert C. Police
Field, Arthur Police
Field, John T. Police
Fields, Henry B. Police
Fields, William O. Police
Fink, E. E.
Finley, Jason O. Fire
Finn, Edgar J.
Finn, Howard Fire
Finnerman, Patrick J. Police
Finney, John F. Police
Fischer, Connelly R. Fire
Fischer, Harve M. Police
Fischer, William R. Police
Fisher, Earl E. Police
Fisher, George A. Fire
Fisher, H. J. Police
Fisher, Monroe Police
Fisk, Wallace Fire
Fitzgerald, Maurice
Fitzgerald, Miles M. Fire
Fitzgibbons, John Fire
Flaherty, Michael P. Police
Flaherty, Thomas J. Fire
Fleetwood, John W. Police
Fleetwood, Raymond Fire
Fleming, David R. Police
Fleming, Lawrence Police
Fleming, Thomas C. Police
Fletcher, Herbert R. Police
Fletcher, Joseph Police
Fletcher, Raymond E. Police
Flinn, Louis H. Other
Flish, Martin L. Fire
Flynn, Mary F. Fire
Fogarty, Richard Police
Foist, Cecil H. Fire
Foley, Daniel J. Police
Foppiano, Leona Other
Foran, Patrick Police
Ford, Earl O. Fire
Ford, Hugh G. Police
Ford, John J. Fire
Ford, Walter F. Fire
Forrest, Charles B. Police
Forsythe, Len B. Police
Fosetti, Louis Police
Fossati, Irwin J. Fire
Foster, George A. Other
Foullois, Edward H. Fire
Fowler, Joseph B. Police
Fox, Ernest H. Fire
Fox, John L. Fire
Fox, John P. Fire
Fox, Patrick Police
Fox, William Other
Francis, Hollie Police
Francis, John Police
Frank, James W. Police
Franke, Helen M. Other
Franklin, Harry M. Police
Franklin, Mark B.
Frantz, Joseph F. Police
Frazier, Henry Other
Free, Silas C. Police
Freels, John F. Fire
Freeman, George F. Police
French, Melvin W. Police
Frenk, Otto H. Police
Frey, Glen Fire
Frey, Herman Fire
Friel, George E. Fire
Fries, Fred F. Fire
Fugitt, Robert F. Fire
Fullen, Harry R.
Fuller, Claude
Fullilove, Lourena
Fulmer, Herbert Fire
Fulton, Otto L. Police
Fulton, Robert Police
Gagham, Roy Police
Gaither, Benjamin H. Police
Gall, Albert Other
Gallagher, Frank Police
Gallagher, Joseph Fire
Gallagher, Peter J. Fire
Gallimore, Walter Fire
Gamon, George E.
Gano, William Fire
Gardner, Fred C.
Gardner, Herbert R. Fire
Gardner, Michael J. Fire
Garrett, Earl S. Police
Garringer, Charles E. Police
Garringer, Fred Fire
Garver, Charles L. Fire
Gass, Louis Fire
Gaston, Nolen E. Fire
Gaughan, George L. Fire
Gaughan, John Police
Gavin, James Police
Gay, Elmer F. Other
Gaynor, E. O. Fire
Gebhart, Harry A. Fire
Geddes, Eugene H. Fire
Geddes, Samuel Police
Gegas, William Police
Geider, Aug. J. Fire
Geiger, Louis Police
Geizendanner, Walter B. Fire
Gendron, Henry Fire
George, James C. Police
George, James O. Fire
Gerber, Samuel S. Police
Gerrard, David Fire
Gesh, David A. Fire
Gibbin, Frank Police
Gibbin, Frank J. Police
Gibbons, Joseph P. Police
Gibney, Albert C. Police
Gibson, Jas. W.
Gibson, Ralph W.
Gibson, Thomas Fire
Gibson, Walter E. Police
Gilbert, Fred Police
Giles, Jesse M. Police
Giles, John W. Police
Gill, Herchel E. Police
Gill, Herschel E. Police
Gillespie, Elizabeth Police
Gillespie, Samuel B. Police
Gillespie, William F. Police
Gilligan, George W.
Gish, Abraham G. Police
Gish, John B. Police
Gish, Raymond J. Police
Givens, Sidney L. Fire
Glazier, Harvey D. Fire
Glazier, Strawder Fire
Glenn, Edward J. Police
Glenn, Frank
Glenn, Michael Police
Godwin, George C. Fire
Goines, Charles A. Fire
Golay, Charles H. Fire
Golder, Clarence Police
Golder, Harry Fire
Gollnisch, Charles P. Police
Gonsolus, Fred Police
Gooch, Elmer Police
Good, Avery B. Police
Gooden, William H. Fire
Goodley, Roy Fire
Goodrich, Elmer
Goodrich, Russell H.
Goodwin, Ora Fire
Goodwin, William Fire
Gordon, Walter S. Fire
Gossard, Earl Fire
Gould, Harry R. Fire
Gowdy, Hugh Other
Grady, William M. Fire
Graham, Frank Fire
Graham, James W. Police
Graham, T. W. Fire
Granderson, Nelson Police
Grant, Alonzo M. Police
Grant, Charles F. Fire
Graves, Everett O. Police
Gray, Otto F. Fire
Gray, Thomas J. Police
Gray, Walter H. Fire
Green, Daniel E. Fire
Green, James E. Police
Green, LeRoy Fire
Gregoire, Ella M.
Gregory, Charles Fire
Gresh, Cecil M. Fire
Gribble, A. N. Police
Gribble, Bert Fire
Griffen, Clarence J. Police
Griffin, Howard M. Fire
Griffin, Jerry G. Fire
Griffin, Mike J. Police
Griffin, Thomas W. Police
Griffis, William B.
Griffith, Robert W.
Groll, John
Grose, William A. Police
Groves, Alfred C. Police
Groves, Arthur A. Fire
Groves, Clarence Police
Groves, Robert R. Fire
Grubbs, Otis
Guedel, John E. Other
Guinan, Jas. Fire
Guinan, William Fire
Haas, Edward G. Police
Haas, Edwin G. Fire?
Haas, Kenny
Haas, Louis Fire
Hadley, Glen
Hadley, Jesse Police
Hadley, Layton V.
Haehl, Walter L.
Hafer, Charles H.
Hagan, Jasiah
Hagerman, Green Police
Hagerty, Frank Police
Hagerty, John Fire
Hague, Fred Police
Hahn, John F. Police
Haines, Ross G. Fire
Halcomb, Charles
Haldeman, Otto L.
Halderman, Park Fire
Hale, Thomas T.
Haley, Daniel F. Police
Haley, James
Haley, Martin Police
Haley, Martin F.
Haley, Patrick J. Police
Haley, Patrick J. Police?
Hall, Austin A.
Hall, Charles N.
Hall, Elmer F. Police
Hall, Luther H.
Hall, Ralph W.
Hall, Thomas E. Jr. Police
Haller, David
Halpin, Louis Other
Halstead, Charles Police
Hamann, Harry
Hamilton, T. W.
Hamilton, William Fire
Hammer, Ralph W.
Hampton, Cornelius G. Police
Hanan, Thomas J. Fire
Hancock, Joseph F. Fire
Hand, Everest D. Other
Hand, Harry E.
Hand, Henry S. Fire
Haney, Jno. J. Fire
Hanks, George A. Police
Hanley, Fred L. Police
Hanley, William M. Fire
Hanlon, Lawrence Police
Hanna, William E. Fire
Hannah, William V. Police
Hannon, Jas. Police?
Hanrahan, Charles P. Police
Hanscomb, Edward G.
Hansell, Robert T. Fire
Hansford, William Police
Hansing, Christian F.
Hanson, Frank
Hardesty, George R. Fire
Hardesty, John D.
Hardesty, John T. Fire
Hardin, Ollie Fire
Hardy, Irving Police
Hare, Henry F. Police
Hare, John
Hargraves, Robert
Harley, David F.
Harmer, David E.
Harms, Edward C. Police
Harnion, George Fire
Harper, Guy Police
Harrell, Frank Police?
Harrington, Jas S. Other
Harrington, John E.
Harris, Admiral D. Police
Harris, Marion T. Fire
Harris, Maud Other
Harris, Ray Police
Harris, Sidney Police
Harris, Thomas Police
Harrison, Thoams J.
Harrod, Harry H. Fire
Hart, Clinton H. Police
Hart, Frank
Hart, Jack E. Police
Hart, John Fire
Hart, Simpson Police
Harting, William Police?
Hartman, Charles
Hartman, Henry
Hartman, Robert L.
Hartsell, Lawrence Police
Hartwig, W H.
Harvey, Edwin W. Fire
Harvey, Fred L. Other
Harvey, Robert H. Police?
Harvey, Roy C.
Harwood, Harry C. Fire
Harworth, John M.
Hass, George H.
Hastie, Charles H. Police
Hastings, George
Hastings, Jno E. Police
Hastings, John M.
Hasty, E. A. Fire
Hatfield, Guy H. Fire?
Hatton, Joseph L.
Haugh, Gerald H. Police
Haugh, William A. Police
Haugh, William A. Police
Hauser, Albert Fire
Hauser, Conrad Police
Hawkins, Berlin H. Police
Hawkins, Willard E. Police
Hayes, Charles E. Police
Hayes, Ferdinand Police
Hayes, Harry Police
Hayes, Russell
Haygood, James Police?
Haymaker, C. E.
Haynes, Thomas H. Police
Hays, G. H. Other
Hayworth, Oliver Fire
Heacock, R. E.
Healey, James Fire
Healey, Maurice T. Police
Healey, Oliver
Healy, E. L. Police?
Heater, Preston J. Police
Heaton, Fred W. Fire
Heckman, Calvin D. Fire
Heckman, Guy A. Fire
Hedges, Clem
Hedrick, Clarence C.
Heekman, Jas. H. Other
Heflin, Elmer M. Other
Heinlein, John
Heinlein, John
Heinlein, John C. Police
Heiny, Robert L. Police
Heishman, Roy
Heizer, George S.
Heller, Andy J. Police
Heller, Ernest L. Police
Hellmer, Victor Other
Helton, Marion F.
Helur, Edward P. Police
Helur, John C. Police
Henchman, Omer
Henderson, Andrew J.
Henderson, Charles C.
Henderson, M. R. Police?
Hendrickson, Bill Police
Henninger, Clyde Fire
Henry, Albert A. Other
Henry, Andrew J.
Henry, John J. Police
Henry, Ollie Police
Henry, William Sr.
Henser, William T. Fire
Hensley, Clyde Police
Hensley, Lee Police
Hensley, S.J. Fire
Herder, William L. Fire
Herman, Edward
Herman, Edward A.
Hermsdorfer, Clark L. Fire
Herner, William Fire
Herr, Earl Fire
Herrman, Edward A. Police
Herron, Ross Fire
Hess, Carl V.
Hess, Clarence
Hess, Columbus C.
Hess, Fred G. Fire
Hetherton, Cornelius
Hett, John M. Police
Heuer, Joseph Fire
Hick, John Police
Hickey, Joseph A. Fire
Hickman, Alvin J.
Hicks, Leroy
Hicks, Robert L. Fire
Higgins, Edward R. Police
Higgins, Micheal
Higgs, Earl Police
Higgs, Roy
Higgs, Roy
Hildebrand, C.S.
Hildebrand, Margaret
Hilkene, Jacob H. Other
Hill, Daniel Fire
Hill, E.A.
Hill, Edgar A.
Hill, Elmer E.
Hill, Elmer E.
Hilligiss, Clifford Fire
Hillman, Charles Police
Hillman, Harry J. Police
Hillman, James
Hilt, Oren A. Fire
Hinchman, Ernst Fire
Hinds, Clyde E. Police
Hines, Thomas M.
Hinton, Grover Police
Hite, William D. Police
Hoag, Marion S.
Hoagland, C.E.
Hoagland, Louis M.
Hoagland, Ned B. Police
Hobart, Henry
Hobbs, Clarence Fire
Hobbs, Edgar E. Police
Hocioga, Vasile Fire
Hodge, Luther
Hodge, Robert
Hodges, Charles L. Police
Hodges, Robert
Hodgin, E.E. Police
Hodgsett, Ernest A.
Hoffacker, John E. Fire
Hoffbauer, Nicholas Police
Hoffman, Charles C.
Hofmann, Conrad
Hogan, Emmet
Hogan, Emmett
Holder, Robert
Hollahan, Jeremiah A. Police
Holland, George
Holland, George
Holland, George
Hollenbeck, James D. Police
Holler, David
Hollingsworth, Fred Other
Hollingsworth, Joseph Police
Holloran, Thomas Fire
Holman, Raymond Police
Holmes, Harry D. Fire
Holmes, Harry D.
Holmes, John L.
Holsapple, Emily
Holsclaw, John W. Police
Holt, Joseph E.
Holt, Joseph E.
Holtz, William Police
Holy, Joseph M.
Hood, Nolan G.
Hoops, Jesse A.
Hoover, Charles J.
Hoover, Fred O.
Hoover, William A.
Hopkins, Jonathan E.
Hopper, Charles H.
Hopper, O.S.
Hopper, Oren S.
Hopson, Thomas Police
Horn, James H. Police
Horn, Lewis E. Fire
Hornaday, Justin M. Fire
Hornbuckle, J.B. Fire
Horne, Oliver H. Fire
Hornocker, Lawrence D. Fire
Horton, David
Hostetter, John V. Police
Houlihan, Dennis J. Police
Houlihan, John Police
House, William A.
Householder, C.E. Fire
Houston, Victor Police
Houze, Joseph O.
Howard, Benjamin Fire
Howard, Thomas Fire
Howe, John A.
Howell, Roy Police
Howerton, George Police
Hoyl, Simeon Police
Hubbard, Floyd S.
Hubbard, George E. Police
Huddleston, Alvie William
Hudgins, Jacob Police
Hudson, Bert E.
Hudson, Harvey
Hudson, Jas L.
Hudson, Orville Police
Hudson, Vernon Fire
Hueber, WIlliam Fire
Huegele, Edward
Huegele, Edward J.
Huggler, P.
Hughes, C.E. Police
Hughes, Charles E.
Hughes, Savanas
Hughes, William A. Fire
Huhn, Paul
Huhn, Peter Police
Huishhaw, Harold H. Police
Huler, George W. Police
Hull, John Fire
Huls, Dell
Huls, Oral
Hulse, Chester
Hulse, Chester
Hulse, Morton Police
Hulsman, Bernard
Humble, Carl
Humphrey, C.D.
Humphrey, Charles Fire
Humphrey, George D. Fire
Hunt, George W.
Hunt, John Fire
Hunt, John R.
Hunt, Ruby
Hunt, Walter Fire
Hunt, William C.
Hunter, Charles
Hunter, Fred
Hunter, Fred
Hunter, Jas
Hunter, Micheal Police
Hunter, Wayne Fire
Hunter, William
Hupp, Oscar L. Fire
Hurley, John E. Fire
Hussey, James
Hussey, Peter Fire
Hutsell, Jesse A. Fire
Hutto, James P.
Huxley, Charles C.
Huxley, Chas L.
Huxley, Chas.
Huxley, Chas.
Hyde, Milton Police
Hyde, Samuel O.
Hyland, Micheal Fire
Hyland, Robert E. Police
Hynes, Micheal J. Police
Ice, Ora Police
Icenogle, C.E. Police
Icenogle, J.F.
Icenogle, John F.
Ilg, J. Walter Fire
Ingels, Charles E.
Ingels, William R. Fire
Ingram, Harry Fire
Ingram, Harry B.
Irick, Harry B. Police
Irvin, Joseph M.
Isenthal, John A. Fire
Israel, Wesley Police
Ittner, Melvin S.
Ivie, Weslie
Jackman, Charles Fire
Jackson, Clarence Fire
Jackson, Hobert
Jackson, Isaiah Lee Fire
Jackson, Walter Police
Jacobs, Audry Police
Jacobs, James W.
Jacobs, Jas W.
Jacobs, Jas. W.
Jacobs, Oscar N.
Jacobson, Charles E.
James, Charles Fire
James, Frank Chas. Fire
James, George Fire
James, John
James, John M.
James, R.W.
Jarvis, Walter
Jaschka, Lillian M. Other
Jay, Charles E.
Jay, George
Jay, Thomas
Jeffries, Charles
Jeffries, Lloyd
Jenkins, Walter
Jenkins, Walter F. Police
Johns, Homer Fire
Johnson, Amos D. Fire
Johnson, Andrew Police
Johnson, Carl F. Police
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Charles O. Police
Johnson, Charles O.
Johnson, Charles O.
Johnson, Elwood Fire
Johnson, Everett
Johnson, Frank Police
Johnson, Frank M.
Johnson, Fred Fire
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, George W. Fire
Johnson, Harry J. Police
Johnson, Henry Police
Johnson, Homer
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, James A. Police
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, John F. Police
Johnson, John F.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Lewis Police
Johnson, Newton L.
Johnson, Oscar P. Fire
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Ralph E.
Johnson, Robert Lee Police
Johnson, Steve
Johnson, Steve
Johnson, Thomas
Johnston, Edward B. Fire
Johnston, Edwin C.
Johnston, George Police
Jolliffe, Jack V. Fire
Jones, Ad
Jones, Add
Jones, Add
Jones, Add
Jones, Carlos O.
Jones, Earl
Jones, Edward Police
Jones, Edward D.
Jones, Harley Police
Jones, Herbert S.
Jones, Hugh R.
Jones, J. A.
Jones, Jas. W.
Jones, Lester E. Police
Jones, Perry A. Police
Jones, Plez. Police
Jones, Tom
Jordan, Jos. W. Fire
Jordan, Robert Police
Jordan, Robert B.
Jordan, Roscoe K.
Jordon, Charles E. Police
Joyce, LeRoy E.
Joyce, W.A. Police
Judd, Albert A. Fire
Judd, Albert A.
Judkins, Fred Police
Kaiser, Harry C.
Kamm, George J. Fire
Kantner, John A.
Karrer, William E. Fire
Karres, George
Kearney, Wesley E. Fire
Keating, John Police
Keating, John Fire
Keating, Micheal P. Police
Keel, Clarence
Keeler, John
Keeley, John F. Police
Keers, Albert
Keers, Albert C.
Keers, Albert C., Jr. Police
Kegeris, Thomas Police
Keirey, William A.
Keller, John Fire
Kellermeyer, Harry Fire
Kellermeyer, Walter Fire
Kelley, Noel Fire
Kelly, Chas. E. Fire
Kelly, Jno. J. Fire
Kelly, William
Kelsch, Ralph Police
Kemp, Frank
Kemper, Marion B. Fire
Kempf, Frank Fire
Kempf, Frank C.
Kendall, Fern
Kenkel, Henry
Kennedy, Fred Fire
Kennedy, I. F.
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, John L. Fire
Kennedy, John L.
Kennedy, John L.
Kennedy, Roy S. Police
Kennedy, William Fire
Kennedy, William E. Fire
Kennelly, Micheal
Kennerknesht, Eugene
Kenney, Patrick
Kennington, Ralph E. Fire
Kent, Roscoe
Kepman, Edward Fire
Kepner, Thomas P.
Keppel, Haney Fire
Kerius, James P. Police
Kerkhoff, Charles H. Fire
Kernodle, Ethel
Kernodle, Harry Police
Kerr, Raymond
Kessler, Edward
Kessler, Frank A. Fire
Keys, Joseph A. Fire
Kichler, Stanley Fire
Kidwell, Chas. Other
Kiernan, Thomas Fire
Kiernan, Thomas
Kiernan, Thomas
Kile, Phillip Police
Kimberlin, Carl Police
Kimmel, Harry J.
Kimple, John M. Police
Kincher, Henry O. Fire
Kinchner, Fred F. Fire
Kinder, Claud Police
Kiner, Fred W.
Kiney, Wm. A.
King, Clarence
King, Jacob Police
King, Thomas
King, Walter
King, Walter
King, Walter
King, Walter
King, William
King, William Fire
King, William B.
King, William B.
King, William B.
King, William E.
King, William R. Fire
Kinkle, Jas.
Kinley, Henry A.
Kinley, John R. Fire
Kinney, Andrew J.
Kinney, Charles E. Police
Kinney, George
Kinney, George
Kinney, P.
Kinney, Patrick Police
Kinney, Samuel
Kinsey, Robert Police
Kirby, Burrows
Kirby, Claude
Kirby, M.C.
Kirk, Edward
Kirk, Edward
Kirk, J. Edward Fire
Kirkhoff, Chris F. Fire
Kirkhoff, Chris F.
Kirkhoff, Frank L.
Kissel, Frank Fire
Kitts, Fred
Kitzmiller, John Police
Kitzmiller, John H. Fire
Klaber, Anthony
Klaiber, J.J.
Klaiber, J.J.
Klaiber, Jos. J.
Klee, Joseph
Klefker, Henry F.
Klein, Henry
Klein, Jacob
Kleis, William C. Fire
Klingensmith, A.A.
Klingensmith, A.E.
Klingensmith, Alonzo A.
Kloepper, Carl Fire
Knight, Henry L.
Knittel, Edgar W. Fire
Knotts, Guy B.
Knox, Charles
Koehler, George W. Police
Koenig, John J.
Koenig, Wm. J. Fire
Koeniger, Harry
Koester, Henry C.
Koontz, Claude Police
Kopp, Henry S.
Kostoff, Alexander
Kovacs, Emre
Kramer, John E. Jr. Fire
Kratzer, T.J.
Kraus, H. Edward
Kremiller, Carl A.
Kriber, John Fire
Kuehlmann, W.H.
Kugelman, George E. Police, Sanitar
Kugua, Charles E.
Kuhler, Charles C.
Kuhner, Leo A. Fire
Kurrasch, Harry
Kurrasch, Harry F.
Kurrasch, Wm. F. Police
Kurtz, Jacob D. Police
Kurtz, Jacob D. Police
LaMarr, Hazel
LaPorte, Harold I. Police
LaRock, Elmer
LaRue, Ralph Police
Laatz, Herman Fire
Lacey, Roy Police
Lacifield, Clarence Police
Laffey, Thomas B. Fire
Lafka, Peter Police
Lalley, Frank
Lambert, Solomon Police
Lambert, Thomas L. Fire
Lanahan, John Fire
Lancaster, David
Lancaster, Joe H.
Lancaster, Jos. H.
Lancaster, Joseph H.
Land, John Fire
Landers, Aurie Fire
Landers, Irvin Police
Landrum, Ernest J. Fire
Lane, Ernest T. Police
Lane, Jessie O.
Lang, Charles J. Other
Lang, Oscar T.
Lang, W. H. Fire
Lansing, Benjamin E. Police
Larimore, Clarence
Larner, Dennis Fire
Larsche, Conrad
Larsh, A. H. Police
Larsh, Aron H. Police
Larsh, William A.
Larsh, William W. Police
Laswell, Harry C. Police
Lauders, William H. Fire
Laudick, Frank A.
Lauth, Louis C. Fire
Lavercombe, Richard H. Police
Lawler, Micheal D. Police
Lawler, William
Lawler, Wm. J.
Lawson, Edward Fire
Lawson, Roy
Lawson, Roy R.
Lay, George J.
Layton, Samuel Police
Leach, Miles E.
Leaf, Clifford Police
League, William R.
Lease, Addison
Leatherman, Frank Fire
Lee, Alva Police
Lee, Dan
Lee, G.W.
Lee, Jacob Fire
Lee, James
Lee, John F.
Lee, Omar J. Police
Lee, Peter A. Fire
Leet, Ira L. Police
Leet, Perry
Leet, Perry
Leffer, William E.
Lefforge, Lawrence
Legan, Jim Wallace
Legan, John E.
Lehman, Henry
Lemaux, George
Lemon, Dwight E.
Lenaghan, A.F. Police
Lenaghan, Neal
Lenihan, Robert Police
Lenker, Charles Fire
Lennen, Jonathan C.
Leonard, Arthur R. Fire
Leonard, Charles H.
Leonard, Sheperd V.
Leonard, Thomas J. Police
Leper, William E.
Lepper, Harry E.
Lepper, William E.
Lepper, William E.
Leser, Charles Fire
Leslie, Nathaniel Police
Lesser, Peter
Lewis, Arleigh
Lewis, Frank
Lewis, George A.
Lewis, Guy M. Fire
Lewis, Henry E.
Lewis, Herman N. Fire
Lewis, William R.
Lewis, William R.
Leyenberg, George
Lieber, Emma
Lieberman, Ben Fire
Liebrock, Jacob
Liese, August
Liese, George R. Police
Lightfoot, Joseph
Lindsay, Edward Police
Lindsay, Fleming Fire
Lindsay, George C. Fire
Linn, Lewis A.
Lipscomb, Earl
Lister, Guy
Lister, John W.
Lister, Joseph
Liston, Thomas
Litschert, George
Litz, Frank W.
Livingston, John Police
Lizenby, Harrison
Lizenby, Harrison
Logan, Daniel Police
Logan, George W.
Logan, John Fire
Logan, Martin Police
Lombard, Earl C. Fire
Loney, John L.
Long, Charles
Long, John E. Police
Long, M.W.
Long, Michael Police
Long, Robert
Long, Sylvester S.
Long, Thomas
Long, Thomas W.
Long, William O. Fire
Longmire, Ralph D. Fire
Lornston, Peter
Lory, Frank C.
Losh, George W.
Losh, George W. Police
Lotshaw, John H.
Loucks, Fred M. Police
Loucks, John Police
Louden, William Police
Love, Harold Fire
Love, Harry Police
Love, James A. Fire
Lovell, John
Lovinger, Wilbur Fire
Low, Arthur E. Police
Low, John Police
Lowe, Austin H.
Lowe, Elliot Police
Lowe, George E. Police
Lowe, Iley Police
Lowes, Clinton Police
Lowey, Martin J.
Loyall, Benj. P. Police
Loyd, Louis
Lucas, Harry
Lucas, James A. Police
Lucid, Patrick J.
Ludgin, Henry Police
Luessow, Ernest J. Fire
Lukenbill, Fred
Lukenbill, Fred
Lund, Perry Police
Lutterill, E.
Lutz, Charles
Lux, Joseph W.
Lyke, Thomas J.
Lyke, Thomas J.
Lynch, Bernand Fire
Lynch, Harry Fire
Lynch, John H.
Lynch, Robert
Lynch, Thomas A. Police
Lyons, Dennis J. Fire
Lyons, L.
Lyons, Lawrence
Lyons, Patrick Police
Lyons, Robert H. Police
Lyons, Walter E. Police
Lyttle, John F.
Maas, Arthur Fire
Maas, Otto P. Police
MacIntire, Ben C.
MacIntire, Charles J. Police
Machstetter, Fred
Mack, Fred L.
Mackessey, Timothy Police
Mackey, Carl W. Police
Mackey, William A.
Macy, Glyndon Police
Madden, John F. Police
Madden, John F.
Madden, Richard N.
Madden, Robert A. Fire
Madden, William J.
Magenheimer, A.
Maginnis, William
Maguire, Charles J.
Mahern, William H.
Mahoney, Jerry
Mahoney, Jerry J.
Mahoney, John M. Fire
Maier, Joseph Fire
Malcom, Carl Fire
Males, Joel
Maloney, Matthew Fire
Maloy, James Fire
Maloy, William
Mangus, Glenn Police
Mankedick, Charles
Manley, J.
Manley, James F. Police
Manley, James Francis
Manlove, Gilbert
Manlove, Gilbert B.
Mann, Benjamin
Mann, Bernard Fire
Mann, James M.
Mann, Lawrence Police
Mann, Wilford Fire
Manning, Chauncey A. Police
Mannix, M.J.
Manuel, Harry B. Police
Manwel, Sidney D.
Maples, Emory
Marble, Lannie
Marcy, Griff G. Police
Marine, Gilbert Fire
Markey, Thomas J.
Markey, Thomas
Markey, Thomas
Markun, Jacob
Marlett, Charles Police
Marlett, Charles S.
Marren, John Police
Marsh, Earle J.
Marsh, George D.
Marsh, Glenn E.
Marshall, Carrie
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, Harry G. Fire
Marshall, Orval R. Fire
Martin, Cahrin Fire
Martin, Clyde E. Fire
Martin, Howard N. Police
Martin, Ira A.
Martin, Robert R.
Martin, WIlliam Police
Martindale, Loyd
Mashey, Alfred F. Police
Mason, David F.
Mason, Harry Police
Mason, Ora
Master, Earl
Matthews, Charles Fire
Matthews, Michael A. Fire
Matty, John Fire
Mause, Peter J. Police
Mauzy, Edwin
Maxwell, Harry O.
Maxwell, Harry O.
Mayer, Ralph A. Fire
Mayhew, Luren M.
Mayhew, Woodson
Mays, Mary E. Matron
McAfee, Oliver S.
McAllen, John Fire
McAllister, Charles G.
McAllister, Frank L.
McAllister, George W.
McArty, Dee Police
McArty, Dee Police
McBride, Edward E.
McBride, L.A.
McBride, Vernon
McBroom, Nettie
McBurney, John
McBurney, John Police
McBurney, William Police
McCabe, John
McCall, John C.
McCann, Henry
McCarter, Henry E. Police
McCartney, William H.
McCarty, Charles J. Fire
McCarty, Charles T. Fire
McCarty, Claude J.
McCarty, Howard T.
McCarty, Jesse
McCarty, Jesse Police
McCarty, John Police
McCarty, Lawrence Police
McClain, Albert D.
McClain, Erin E. Police
McClain, Henry D. Police
McClain, Jacob M.
McClain, Oral B. Police
McClain, Zay.
McClain, Zay.
McClary, Charles
McClary, J. Patrick
McCleerey, Patrick
McClelland, Charles
McCloskey, B.J.
McCloskey, William Fire
McCloud, George Fire
McClure, Arthur W.
McClure, Warren Police
McColloch, W. Electrical Dept.
McCollum, Orla E. Police
McCool, Charles F. Fire
McCormick, Emmett Police
McCormick, Leo
McCormick, Thomas Police
McCoy, Edgar C.
McCoy, Edward
McCoy, George A. Fire
McCoy, Harold A. Fire
McCoy, Thomas W. Police
McCoy, Thomas W.
McCrary, WIlliam C.
McCrary, William
McDaniel, George W. Police
McDonald, Charles Fire
McDonald, Frank Police
McDonald, John Police
McDonald, William M. Police
McElfresh, Owen
McGee, Arthur B. Police
McGee, Noah Police
McGee, William Fire
McGee, William
McGilley, Jacob
McGinnis, Edward J. Fire
McGinnis, James S.
McGinnis, James S.
McGinnis, John B.
McGinty, John
McGinty, John Fire
McGlacken, Charles M.
McGlenn, Harry A. Police
McGlynn, Thomas Fire
McGlynn, Thomas M. Fire
McGorvin, James R. Police
McGovern, Edward
McGrath, Philip
McGrayel, Stephen Police
McGuff, Edward
McGuff, Martin Fire
McGuire, Roger Police
McGuirk, Thomas
McHenry, John
McHone, J.J.
McHugh, James L.
McHugh, John Fire
McHugh, Joseph Fire
McHugh, Josephine
McHugh, Micheal
McIntire, John A. Fireman
McIntosh, John M.
McIntyre, Claude E.
McIntyre, Henry M. Police
McIntyre, Ivan Police
McIntyre, James B. Fireman
McIntyre, Ronald
McKeel, Son B. Police
McKenny, Lester I. Fire
McKenzie, Robert J. Fire
McKeon, Barney Police
McKeon, Michael
McKibbew, William Police
McKinley, Ed W. Fire
McKinley, Samuel M.
McKinney, Bert G. Police
McKinney, Linley W. Police
McKinney, Roscoe A. Fire
McKinney, Thomas Police
McKinney, Thomas R. Fire
McKinney, William J.
McKinnis, Hillis L.
McKinnon, D.A.
McKissik, William B. Fire
McLaughlin, Frank Fire
McLaughlin, Henry Fire
McLaughlin, Taylor Police
McLaughlin, William S.
McMahan, James
McMahon, Pat J. Police
McManaman, John
McManamon, Anthony
McMann, Henry O. Fire
McMenamin, Jas Fire
McMillen, J. V. Police
McMunay, W. D. Other
McNabney, Carl O.
McNamara, Edward Fire
McNanny, George
McNeal, Orin T.
McNeal, Orion
McNerney, Leon C. Police
McNiel, Theodore Police
McNierney, John
McNutt, Oliver P. Other
McPhetridge, Ruth Other
McQuat, Donald G. Police
McQuillan, Ann Other
McQuinn, Ernest Other
McQuinn, Ernest Fire
McSoley, Edward J. Police
McVey, John Police
McWhirter, Felix M.
McWhorter, John
Meadows, Edward Leroy
Meadows, John Fire
Means, Genevieve
Medley, R.L.
Medlin, Thomas
Meek, A.
Meenach, Leroy A. Fire
Mefford, James O. Police
Melick, Gordon Police
Melick, Gordon
Mellen, Charles L. Police
Mellen, William Police
Mellon, George L. Police
Meloy, Glen E. Fire
Mennel, George Fire
Merideth, J.D.
Merrick, Patrick Fire
Merrick, William L. unknown
Merrill, Oscar A. Police
Merritt, John E.
Merz, Charles Police
Metcalf, Ray Fire
Metcalf, Sanford Fire
Metcalfe, Charles P. Police
Metivier, Edward R. Police
Metzler, William P. Fire
Meyer, Fred H.
Meyer, Harry
Meyer, Harry
Meyer, Irven H. Fire
Meyer, Louis J.
Meyer, Thomas
Meyers, Charles Fire
Meyers, Fred C. Fire
Meyers, Jonathan A.
Meyers, Samuel O. Fire
Meyers, Walter E. unknown
Mezger, Eugene Fire
Michaelis, Joseph
Middaw, James Police
Milam, William B. Police
Milburn, Benjamin Fire
Milender, Charles Police
Milender, William E. Fire
Miles, Harold W. Fire
Miles, Robert C. Fire
Miles, Robert J. Fire
Miles, Walter J. Fire
Miller, A.P. Police
Miller, Albert P. unknown
Miller, Albert W. unknown
Miller, Andrew W. Fire
Miller, Charles Fire
Miller, Charles A. Fire
Miller, Charles E. unknown
Miller, Charles E. Fire
Miller, Clarence W. Fire
Miller, Claud D. unknown
Miller, Edward unknown
Miller, Elmer
Miller, Ernest C. unknown
Miller, George unknown
Miller, George unknown
Miller, George E. Fire
Miller, Harry A. Fire
Miller, Herbert C. unknown
Miller, Janett H. Fire
Miller, John unknown
Miller, John Police
Miller, John Police
Miller, John M. Police
Miller, John R. Fire
Miller, John S. unknown
Miller, John W. Fire
Miller, Jonathan M. Police
Miller, Jonathan W. unknown
Miller, Louis Police
Miller, Mark H. unknown
Miller, Milton Fire
Miller, Pardice Police
Miller, Paul Police
Miller, Russell E. Fire
Miller, Thomas unknown
Miller, W.H. unknown
Miller, William Fire
Miller, William Fire
Miller, William H. unknown
Miller, William H. Police
Miller, William L. Fire
Millikan, Henry Fire
Milner, Charles unknown
Miner, Walter S. unknown
Minor, Hiram unknown
Minton, Ebenezer W. unknown
Mitchell, Charles W. Police
Mitchell, Clyde Police
Mitchell, E.E. unknown
Mitchell, George E. unknown
Mitchell, James E. unknown
Mitney, John, Jr. Fire
Moeller, H.B.
Moeller, Herman unknown
Moeller, John H. Police
Moffitt, Gilbert Fire
Moffitt, Gilbert W. Fire
Moffitt, James unknown
Mohler, Jonathan P. unknown
Monaghan, John Police
Monahan, John J. Fire
Moninger, Herman P. unknown
Monninger, Henry Police
Monninger, Herman P. unknown
Monroe, Charles unknown
Montgomery, C.R.
Montgomery, Charles
Montgomery, Clifford R.
Montgomery, Harry
Montgomery, William H.
Montogomery, Harry
Mooberry, William N.
Moon, Edward B.
Moore, Arthur F. Police
Moore, E.G.
Moore, E.L.
Moore, Edward Fire
Moore, Edward Police
Moore, Harrison
Moore, James A. Fire
Moore, James B.
Moore, Louis M. Fire
Moore, Luther J. Police
Moore, Mary M. Police
Moore, Maurice G.
Moore, Samuel H.
Moore, Samuel V.
Moore, W.E.
Moorman, John R. Police
Moran, Charles L.
Moran, George
Moran, John
Moran, John
Moran, Joseph
Moran, Joseph J. Police
Moran, Joseph P.
Moran, William P. Police
Moreland, Morris B. Fire
Morgan, George E.
Morgan, H.D.
Morgan, Harold P. Fire
Morgan, Jesse
Morgan, Jesse S.
Morgan, John W. Police
Morgan, Rufus Police
Morgan, William Police
Moriarity, James J.
Moriarity, John F. Police
Moriarity, Maurice
Moriarity, Maurice
Moriarty, David Police
Moriarty, John Police
Moriarty, Mary
Moriarty, Patrick
Moriarty, Patrick J. Police
Morris, Albert Earl
Morris, Allen
Morris, Davis M. Police
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morris, Jonathan L.
Morris, William
Morris, William E.
Morrissey, Mich. F. Police
Morton, Fred Fire
Mosby, John M. Police
Mosley, Alvin
Moss, Morris D.
Moss, Philip P. Fire
Mote, Charles E.
Motley, Benjamin F.
Moulton, Ralph Police
Mountain, Micheal M. Police
Mountain, Roy
Moye, Thomas L.
Moye, Thomas L.
Mueller, Ernest
Mueller, George Police
Mueller, George F. Fire
Mueller, Harry P. Police
Mueller, Henry Fire
Mueller, William Police
Muench, John L.
Mulhern, Martin Fire
Mullaly, Matthew Fire
Mullen, Bernard F. Jr. Fire
Mullen, Jacob Police
Mullen, John
Mullen, John
Mullen, Thomas
Mullin, James M. Fire
Mullin, John Police
Mullins, George
Mulvihill, John J.
Mulvihill, John J. Police
Mulvihill, Micheal Fire
Mum, Daniel A.
Mumford, George Fire
Munson, Eugene
Murphy, Charles J. Fire
Murphy, Clyde
Murphy, Edward C. Police
Murphy, Georgiana
Murphy, James A.
Murphy, John
Murphy, Lee
Murphy, Michael Police
Murphy, Patrick L. Fire
Murphy, William Fire
Murray, Daniel J. Fire
Murray, Henry Fire
Murray, John F. Fire
Murray, Lester
Murray, Lucille S.
Murray, Neal P. Fire
Murray, Richard
Murray, Thomas
Muse, Luther Police
Musgrove, H.E. Police
Musgrove, William Police
Muzzy, Frank A.
Myers, James L. Fire
Myers, Leo
Myers, Mahlon Fire
Myers, Walter R.
Nagielson, Harry A. Police
Naparin, Adam Police
Naughton, Jarves Police
Naughton, Patrick
Nayrocker, William Police
Neal, Cecil Police
Neal, Charles Fire
Neal, James Other
Neal, Paul
Neal, William Fire
Neall, Samuel W. Fire
Neeves, W. B. Police
Neff, Fred J.
Neff, Richard Police
Neil, William A.
Neill, Charles J.
Nelis, Harry F. Police
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, E. B.
Nelson, Howard G.
Nelson, John
Nesbit, Oliver P. Fire
Neukom, John
Neville, Thomas J. Fire
Newby, John M. Police
Newby, Robert M. Fire
Newhouse, Claude R. Police
Newkirk, William Fire
Newland, George Fire
Newland, Herbert Police
Newman, David F. Fire
Newman, Harry
Newton, Duane G. Fire
Newton, Louis H. Fire
Nichol, Joseph C.
Nichols, Ashford Police
Nichols, Glenn Fire
Nichols, Harry I.
Nichols, N. S.
Nichols, Noah Fire
Nichols, William W.
Nicholson, Asiel Police
Nicholson, Burl
Nicholson, Curtis E. Fire
Nicholson, Hubert Fire
Nickum, Alonzo
Nidy, Herbert T. Fire
Niehaus, George Fire
Niven, Hugh
Noblet, Bert
Nolan, Robert
Nordloh, Edward C. Police
Nordsick, Fred
Norfleet, Herbert R. Police
Norman, Jack
Norman, William
Norman, William H. H. Police
Norrel, James R.
Norrington, Wilfred
Notter, Frank J. Fire
Nowling, Fred P.
Nunn, Louis G.
Nuzum, Thornton M.
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, James Police
O'Brien, John Police
O'Brien, John Fire
O'Brien, John Police
O'Brien, John F.
O'Brien, Martin Police
O'Brien, Oscar
O'Brien, Patrick
O'Brien, Thomas Police
O'Connor, F. J. Police
O'Connor, Joseph Police
O'Connor, Joseph T. Fire
O'Connor, Martin
O'Connor, Marton
O'Connor, Patrick Fire
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, Patrick T. Police
O'Connor, T. Fire
O'Connor, Thomas
O'Connor, Youral R. Fire
O'Daniel, William W.
O'Dell, George G. Police
O'Donnell, Charles
O'Donnell, Charles Police
O'Donnell, Daniel Fire
O'Donnell, Daniel
O'Donnell, Patrick H.
O'Hara, Henry E. Police
O'Haver, Samuel J.
O'Melia, Daniel W. Police
O'Neal, J. J. Police
O'Neal, Roy L.
O'Neal, Tim Police
O'Neill, Daniel Fire
O'Neill, Floyd
O'Neill, Patrick Police
O'Neill, William Fire
O'Reilly, George W.
O'Reilly, James P. Fire
O'Reilly, Thomas J.
O'Sullivan, Eugene Police
Oakley, Fred E. Police
Oaks, George Fire
Oard, Robert
Oelschlager, Charles Fire
Okey, Herbert
Okey, Joseph B. Police
Oliver, Forrest W. Fire
Oliver, John
Oliver, Lee
Oliver, M. O.
Olleman, Clyde E.
Olson, John H.
Orebaugh, M. D.
Oren, Stuart Fire
Orme, Charles Police
Orme, J. G.
Orme, John Police
Ormston, Elmer E. Police
Ormston, Elmer E.
Orr, Everett C.
Orr, Hattie
Orr, Oscar Police
Osbon, Floyd Fire
Osborn, Cozette C.
Osborn, Margaret
Osborn, Wiley S. Fire
Osborne, Gernie F.
Osborne, John
Osborne, Rollins
Osborne, Sadie
Ostheimer, Leo
Oswald, Jacob
Ott, John
Ott, Marie F.
Ott, William Police
Ottinger, Clarence V. Fire
Ottman, Ebert C. Fire
Overbay, Frank B.
Overtree, Gus Police
Owen, Frank R. Police
Owens, James D. Police
Owens, James W.
Owens, Marvin D. Fire
Owings, Frank Fire
Pace, Edwin Fire
Padgett, Miles J. Police
Pallikan, William A. Fire
Paquett, William
Pardue, Rufus Fire
Parham, Edward L. Fire
Parham, John C.
Parker, Claude
Parker, J. W.
Parker, Neuman F. Fire
Parker, Robert
Parker, Verlyn Fire
Parmenter, Albert
Parris, Floyd
Parsley, Clyde Fire
Partee, William C.
Patrick, William H.
Patterson, Albert L.
Patterson, Byron F. Police
Patterson, Clarence D. Police
Patterson, Clifford P. Fire
Patterson, Hollis C. Police
Patterson, Joseph Fire
Patterson, L. H.
Pattison, Albert Police
Patton, Noah T. Fire
Patty, Verne
Paul, Walter E. Police
Paul, William C.
Paul, William C. Police
Paulsel, William Police
Paxton, George B. Police
Payne, Bob
Payne, Byron W. Police
Payne, Nathan B.
Payne, Richard W. Police
Payne, Robert
Payton, John F.
Peacock, Frank Fire
Peak, John N. Police
Pearcy, Benjamin
Pearsey, Paul D. Police
Pease, James L. Fire
Peats, Anna
Peats, Charles Roy Police
Peck, Frank E.
Peck, Lorenzo L.
Pegg, Milton A.
Pellett, Ervin
Pemberton, Harry W.
Pendergast, Cecil B.
Pendleton, Bert
Penny, Frank
Perkins, John
Perkins, Joseph C.
Perkinson, James M.
Perrott, A. G. Police
Perry, Alvin W. Police
Perry, Lewis M.
Perry, Wiley C. Fire
Peterman, Henry Fire
Peterman, William
Petrovich, John Police
Petrovitzky, Jacob Police
Pettigrew, Clarence G. Fire
Pettit, Orvil E. Police
Pettit, Orvil E.
Pettit, Ott W. Police
Pettit, Otto W.
Petty, Jacob Fire
Petty, Otto J. Fire
Petty, William A. H. Fire
Pfaffenberger, Oliver Police
Pfafflin, Charles A.
Pfahler, Charles F.
Pfister, Frank G.
Pflueger, Joseph Police
Pflueger, William Fire
Philips, Roy G. Fire
Phillips, Casper
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, H. M. Fire
Phillips, Isabel
Phillips, John F. Fire
Phillips, Joseph A.
Phillips, William Fire
Pickering, Earl
Pierce, Cecil
Pierce, Kirk W. Police
Pierce, Morrell F.
Piercy, Earl R.
Pierson, Albert
Pierson, John Police
Pinder, Charles
Pine, Patrick E.
Pinkney, C. Davis Police
Pinkston, George
Pinkston, Joseph
Pittman, Roy Fire
Pitts, John C.
Plummer, Albert S.
Plummer, Earl Fire
Plummer, James Fire
Poe, Ambrose
Poehler, William E. Fire
Pogue, A. W.
Pogue, Ora V.
Polaski, Abe Other
Pollard, Ansel R.
Pollard, Thomas R. Police
Pollock, Murl R. Police
Pollock, Otto M. Police
Poole, Charles R. Police
Poole, Richard M. Police
Pope, James Police
Pope, James P.
Pope, R. Alexander Police
Pope, Roy Fire
Pope, Roy A.
Portteus, Anson S. Fire
Postel, Charles Jr. Police
Postel, Elmer Police
Poteet, Isaac Police
Potter, Farrel Elgin Fire
Potts, Morgan
Potts, Robert C.
Powderly, James R.
Powderly, Joseph L. Police
Powel, Percy B.
Powell, Avy A. Police
Powell, Elisha T.
Powell, Joe
Powell, Michael A.
Powell, William Fire
Power, Claude D.
Powers, Claude Police
Powers, Ola Other
Powers, Oliver
Prasuhn, Edward W.
Pratt, Lee Police
Pray, Harry H.
Pressley, Andrew R. Police
Price, Albert W.
Price, Bernard A.
Price, Billie
Price, Clarence H.
Price, Thomas J. Police
Price, William Fire
Prindle, George F. Police
Printz, Howard L.
Pritcherd, C. E. Fire
Propst, Oliver M. Police
Pruitt, Edward E. Police
Pruitt, Elmer T.
Pruitt, Frank
Pruitt, George E.
Pruitt, Harry W. Fire
Pruitt, Wallock K. Fire
Pugh, Samuel Fire
Purcell, George Fire
Purvis, Fred Fire
Purvis, Fred Police
Purvis, Harold J.
Putt, George Fire
Quack, Alvin F. Fire
Quack, Charles C. Police
Quack, Charles W. Police
Quack, Herbert C. Fire
Quail, Josie
Qualter, Michael Fire
Qualters, James Fire
Quiesser, Oscar J. Police
Quiggins, Charles H. Fire
Quiggins, Charles H.
Quigley, James F. Police
Quinn, Frank Fire
Quinn, Thomas Fire
Raasch, Otto C. Police
Rabenvich, Fred Police
Racobs, Cale F. Fire
Rademacher, Herman Police
Rader, John D. Police
Rader, John Police
Raferty, John F.
Raferty, Michael Police
Ragon, Thomas R. Fire
Ragsdale, Oscar E. Fire
Raison, Fred Police
Raisor, Lindsy
Ralston, Emmett G.
Ralston, James F.
Ralston, Thomas J. Other
Ramsay, Charles A. Other
Randall, George W. Other
Rankin, William F. Other
Rannells, Charles A. Other
Rariden, Charles Lewis Other
Rariden, Samuel Police
Raseuer, William Fire
Ratliff, Elburn W. Police
Ratliff, J. W.
Rauh, S. E.
Rawlings, John B.
Rawlings, Nicholas
Rawlinson, William Fire
Ray, Albert Fire
Ray, Alfred Police
Ray, Jesse B. Fire
Ray, John B. Other
Reagan, Richard T.
Reahard, Ralph M. Other
Ream, Claude E. Fire
Ream, Frank S.
Ream, George W. Fire
Reason, John H.
Record, Gurney A. Police
Reddick, Ralph R.
Redford, Arthur Police
Reed, Charlie Leo. Police
Reed, E. B.
Reed, Harley Police
Reed, Hugh Fire
Reed, William B.
Reeder, James Police
Reese, Albert C. Fire
Reese, H. E.
Reeves, Amzi M.
Reeves, Arthur L. Police
Reeves, H. M. Police
Reeves, Roy R. Police
Reger, A. A.
Reichard, Archie
Reid, Bess M. Other
Reid, Charles E.
Reid, Donald
Reid, Ernest O. Fire
Reid, William
Reidenbach, Floyd Police
Reider, David M.
Reidt, John W.
Reidy, Michael M. Police
Reidy, Thomas Police
Reidy, William Fire
Reilly, Francis O. Police
Reilly, Thomas A. Police
Reilly, William Police
Reining, John F.
Reinking, Herbert Police
Reinking, Julius
Reisner, Rena Other
Reiss, Vollie Fire
Reiter, Paul M. Police
Remmert, Christian Police
Renforth, Thomas J. Police
Renick, G. G. Police
Renihan, James J. Fire
Reno, Charles F. Police
Reno, Harlan T. Fire
Renz, Andy
Resouer, William L. Other
Reynolds, Frank A. Police
Reynolds, W. E.
Rhoades, Iril B.
Rhoads, Harry E. Fire
Rhodes, Andrew A. Police
Ribble, Robert Police
Rice, Warren Fire
Rice, William H.
Richards, David S. Police
Richardson, Cecil O. Fire
Richardson, Charles
Richardson, David Police
Richardson, Hugh
Richardson, Martin L.
Richardson, Norman E.
Richardson, Samuel A. Fire
Richardson, Thomas M.
Richardson, William H. Fire
Richter, Clifford J. Police
Richter, Frank H. Fire
Richter, John F. Police
Richter, William H. Fire
Rickering, Earl
Ricketts, Clarence H. Police
Ridlin, John
Riedel, Jacob Police
Riggen, Cleo E.
Riggs, Alonzo Fire
Riggs, Frank L. Other
Rights, James Police
Riley, Edward Police
Riley, Hugh
Riley, John E. Fire
Riley, Patrick J. Fire
Riley, Roscoe H.
Riley, Thomas A.
Rinert, Charles A.
Ring, Russell
Ripley, Walter J. Fire
Ripp, John F. Police
Risk, Edward L.
Ritter, Samuel W. Police
Rivers, Richard Police
Roach, J. C. Jr. Fire
Roark, Fred O. Police
Robbins, Mark Police
Robbins, Mark Jr.
Robbins, Oliver J. Fire
Roberts, Edward L.
Roberts, Henry A.
Roberts, William Carl Police
Roberts, William H.
Robertson, Ralph J. Police
Robertson, Warren O. Fire
Robeson, Clinton C. Police
Robinson, Albert O. Other
Robinson, Charles L.
Robinson, Chester L.
Robinson, James Other
Robinson, Ruth M.
Robinson, Turner Police
Rochat, Edward
Roche, Patrick J. Police
Rockhold, Ernest Fire
Roe, James
Roeckel, Louis Fire
Roeder, William F. Police
Roesener, A. F. C. Police
Roesener, Charles C.
Roesener, W. F. Police
Roesner, Walter
Rogers, Jesse N.
Rogers, Sara D. Other
Rogers, William Police
Rohrer, Floyd A.
Rollison, Everett L. Police
Roman, John Police
Romine, J. D.
Rominger, Forrest A. Police
Rose, Raymond Fire
Rosebrough, James A.
Rosemeyer, Arthur T. Fire
Rosengarten, Isaac Fire
Ross, Claude B.
Ross, Harry McDaniel Police
Rotert, Louis J. Fire
Roth, Fred W.
Roth, George Police
Roth, George W.
Rothermel, Henry C. Fire
Rothwell, Joe
Roudet, Harry E. Police
Rouls, Abraham L. Other
Rouls, Edward D. Police
Rounder, Otto W. Fire
Routier, John Fire
Row, Frank E. Police
Rowe, William H. Police
Rubush, George A. Police
Rucker, Shiveral Police
Rude, Frank M. Fire
Ruffin, Roscoe L.
Rugenstein, Emil A. Fire
Rugenstein, Otto H. Fire
Rugenstein, William Jr. Police
Rugh, Carl
Rugh, Fay Edwin Fire
Rupert, Mae M. Other
Ruse, Fred K. Police
Ruse, Thomas O. Police
Rusie, William Fire
Russell, Charles J. Police
Russell, Franklin Police
Russell, John A.
Russell, Ned A.
Russell, William B. Fire
Ryan, Frank F.
Ryan, John Fire
Ryan, O. J.
Ryan, Patrick Fire
Ryan, William
Sachs, Carl W. Fire
Saffey, William
Sage, Avery C. Police
Salmon, Arthur
Saltsgaver, Charles B.
Sample, J.
Sampson, Jesse Police
Samuels, Edward Police
Sandermann, Henry Police
Sanders, Harley B. Fire
Sanders, Howard Police
Sanders, Jesse A. Police
Sanders, Ollie T. Fire
Sanders, Wayland E. Police
Sanders, William
Sandford, Robert W.
Sands, John
Sands, W. E.
Sands, Walter E. Police
Sanford, Howard E. Fire
Sanford, R. Scott
Sapp, George Fire
Sargent, James A. Fire
Satterthwaite, Paul Police
Sawson, Roy R.
Sawson, William
Saxon, James A.
Saylor, Orman F. Police
Scalf, Alonzo Fire
Scalf, Samuel P.
Scanlon, Daniel M. Police
Scanlon, Daniel D. Fire
Scanlon, John H.
Schaedel, Ernest
Schaefer, Fred
Schaefer, Henry
Schafer, August Fire
Schafer, Ernest F. W. Fire
Schaffner, Arthur Fire
Schaffner, Jonathan R. Police
Schakel, William A.
Schanzel, Francis T.
Scheeke, Earl M.
Scheibelhut, David A. Fire
Scheigert, William Police
Schener, Compy L. Fire
Schenk, Mike
Schicketanz, George Fire
Schilling, Henry H. Fire
Schlagle, Albert
Schlangen, Frank A.
Schlangen, Henry J.
Schlangen, William J. Police
Schlangen, William J.
Schley, Harry R. Police
Schlottman, Thomas W. Police
Schlueter, Frank Fire
Schmidt, August Fire
Schmidt, Charles
Schmidt, Martin M. Fire
Schmidt, R. A. Police
Schmidt, William C. Fire
Schmitt, Joseph Police
Schmutte, H. A.
Schmutte, Herbert Police
Schnab, Frank M. Police
Schneider, Charles G.
Schneider, Louis F. Police
Schneider, William H. Fire
Schockley, John M. Fire
Schoen, Norman L. Police
Schopp, Fred Fire
Schoppenhorst, William Other
Schory, Theodore
Schrader, Gustav F. Fire
Schreiber, William F. Police
Schroeder, William J.
Schubert, Edward A. Police
Schubert, Robert
Schulz, Alfred A. Police
Schurman, Edward J. Fire
Schwab, Frank M. Police
Schwab, James Buren
Scoggan, Charles Fire
Scott, Cecil F. Fire
Scott, Charles H.
Scott, Frank Police
Scott, Lewis C. Police
Scott, Marvin R. Fire
Scott, Sanford R.
Scott, Webb
Scott, William Fire
Scranton, Don C.
Scribner, Albert Police
Scully, James Police
Seal, D. W.
Sears, Myron G. Fire
Seaver, Earl Fire
Seay, Edwin W. Fire
Sebree, Robert E. Police
Secrest, Charles S.
Seekamp, Charles Fire
Seidenstick, Frank
Seifert, Frank J. Police
Seller, Cora M.
Senta, Fred W.
Sering, Samuel W. Fire
Sermans, William A.
Settle, Robert S.
Settles, Carr
Seward, Samuel M.
Sexson, Marcus Fire
Seymour, John W.
Shafer, A. C. Police
Shafer, Newton Police
Shaffer, Leo Ross
Shaffer, Melvin C.
Shanahan, Bart
Shanahan, John J.
Shanahan, Joseph L.
Shanahan, Timothy Police
Shane, Washington Fire
Shank, Charles Fire
Shank, Clara Other
Shank, Samuel Lewis Other
Shanks, Fay
Shannon, Edward P. Fire
Sharkey, Martin
Shaughnessy, James
Shaw, Folie F. Police
Shaw, James
Shaw, Pertle
Shaw, Thomas
Shea, James E.
Shea, Jeremiah Fire
Shea, Martin P. Police
Shea, Patrick Police
Shea, Patrick M. Police
Shea, Tim Fire
Shea, William Fire
Shearer, Hallie Fire
Sheehan, John Police
Sheehan, John J. Police
Sheehan, Paul C.
Sheehan, Thomas Fire
Sheets, Carl Police
Sheets, William C. Fire
Shehan, Joe B. Police
Shehan, Joseph Police
Shelby, Arthur A. Police
Shelby, Daniel
Shellenberger, F. D.
Shellhouse, Frank
Shelton, Mayme E. Other
Shepp, Charles
Shepperd, Harry
Sheridan, Patrick Police
Sherman, Harry E. Fire
Sherman, Sylvester A.
Shine, Cornelius
Shine, Eugene Police
Shine, John Police
Shine, William
Shipp, Jasper Fire
Shireman, John A.
Shockley, Euclid A.
Shope, Daniel T. Police
Shope, Kirby W. Police
Short, David S. Fire
Short, Louis E.
Short, Maud Other
Shouse, James W. Police
Shover, Claude E. Police
Shrum, Herbert R. Police
Shumaker, George Police
Shumaker, George F. Police
Shumway, R. W.
Sibert, Forrest M. Police
Siefker, Arnold G.
Silcox, William D. Police
Silver, Leonard H.
Simich, Peter Other
Simmes, Robert L. Fire
Simmonds, Guy Leslie
Simmons, Calvin C. Police
Simmons, George F. Fire
Simmons, James B. Police
Simon, Fred Police
Simon, Maurice Fire
Simon, Otto H. Police
Simon, Samuel Other
Simpson, Hobert D. Fire
Simpson, Isaac M. Police
Simpson, Robert L. Fire
Simpson, Robert L. Fire
Sims, Carl Fire
Sinex, George A.
Singer, Charles V.
Sink, Harry T.
Sisloff, Charles T. Other
Sisloff, Jesse S. Other
Skaggs, Robert
Skiles, Henry F.
Skiles, Scottie Fire
Skinner, Jesse R.
Skinner, Walter Police
Slate, Albert C. Police
Slate, Henry Police
Slater, Ira M.
Slaughter, A. M.
Slavin, Joseph
Slavin, Michael Fire
Sliffer, Ansel M.
Sloan, Frank M. Other
Sloan, Warren R. Fire
Small, Jack O. Police
Smallman, John
Smile, Carl L. Fire
Smith, Abe
Smith, Albert W. Fire
Smith, Alexander H. Police
Smith, Allen F. Police
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles A.
Smith, Charles C.
Smith, Dale B. Police
Smith, Daniel E.
Smith, Daniel R. Police
Smith, Edward H. Fire
Smith, George Police
Smith, Harry H. Police
Smith, Howard C.
Smith, J. C. William
Smith, Lewis A. Fire
Smith, Michael
Smith, Neal
Smith, Oscar M. Police
Smith, R. C.
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Robert Police
Smith, Thomas Fire
Smith, Thomas B.
Smith, Thomas B.
Smith, Thomas J. Fire
Smith, Tilden Police
Smith, W. P. Police
Smith, William B.
Smithson, W. A.
Smock, Freeman D. Police
Sneed, George W. Police
Snider, Chauncey W. Police
Snodgrass, John F.
Snyder, Earl R. Fire
Snyder, Herbert G. Fire
Snyder, James E.
Snyder, Kenneth Police
Snyder, Raliegh F. Police
Snyder, Robert L. Fire
Solenberg, Robert J.
Solyom, Joseph
Sonderman, Frieda L. Police
Soots, Joseph H.
Sortwell, George Fire
Soule, William E.
Southern, Thomas Y.
Southers, Charles Police
Sovett, John W.
Spangler, Stuart A. Fire
Spann, Harold
Spaulding, William L. Fire
Spearing, Fred Police
Spearis, Joshua Police
Spenny, Maurice R. Fire
Spillman, Leslie H. Police
Spillman, Roy E.
Spillman, Shelton
Spillman, W. G.
Spinks, George W. Police
Spitler, Harry J.
Spragg, C. M.
Spragg, C. M.
Spragg, Gerry L. Fire
Springer, Charles L. Police
Springer, David
Springer, Edward E. Fire
Sprinkle, David C. Fire
Stacks, Frederick H. Police
Stadtlander, E.
Stafford, Harry T.
Staggs, Emmett B. Fire
Stake, John W. Fire
Stamm, John B.
Standiford, Cecil E.
Standiford, John H.
Standley, Ray C. Police
Stanley, Ellis
Stanley, Herbert E. Fire
Stanley, Jonathan R.
Stanley, Lewis L. Fire
Stansbury, Charles E.
Stant, Thomas C.
Stant, William B.
Stanton, J. C.
Stapp, George Fire
Steck, Frederick Jr. Police
Steen, Joe L. Police
Steetman, Verna B. Other
Steigelmeyer, Edward
Steinberger, Edward
Steinhauer, William Fire
Steinmeyer, Walter C. Fire
Steinruch, Joseph Police
Steinruck, Edward Fire
Steinruck, J. F.
Steirs, Abe
Stelhorn, George C.
Stemer, John F. Fire
Stephaus, Joseph Police
Stephaus, P. J. Fire
Stephens, Harry L.
Stephenson, Frank M. Police
Stephenson, George H.
Stephon, Robert
Stetzel, Frank Raymond Fire
Stevens, Hubert S. Fire
Stevens, John A. Fire
Stevens, W. P.
Stevens, William H. Police
Stevens, William J. Fire
Stevens, William P.
Stevenson, Alonzo
Stevenson, Oscar F. Fire
Stewart, Clarence
Stewart, Eldo M.
Stewart, Frank E.
Stewart, George E. Police
Stewart, George M. Police
Stewart, John C. Fire
Stewart, Joseph B.
Stewart, Samuel E. Fire
Stewart, William C.
Stewart, William D.
Stickelman, E. J.
Stiefvater, Ben J. Police
Stiegelmeyer, Edward Police
Stieglemeyer, William C. Fire
Stoddard, Elmer Police
Stone, Albert H. Fire
Stone, George L. Police
Stone, Horace Police
Stone, John B.
Stonehouse, Asa Police
Stonehouse, Jude
Stout, G.
Stout, Thomas L. Police
Strange, William
Strauss, Charles Police
Straw, William J.
Strawser, William K.
Streit, Jesse M. Police
Stricker, George B. Police
Stringer, Allen T. Police
Stringer, Everett Fire
Stringer, Lee Police
Stringer, Nathaniel G.
Stringer, Thomas D. Fire
Strode, David B. Fire
Strode, James A. Fire
Stroh, John Karl Police
Stuart, Raymond H.
Stubbs, Edward Fire
Stuck, William Fire
Stuckmeyer, Edward A.
Stultz, A. E.
Stultz, Albert E. Police
Stultz, Fred W.
Stump, J. L. Police
Sturgis, Pearson
Sturm, Oscar
Suedeker, William F.
Sullivan, Brian J. Jr. Police
Sullivan, Bryan Police
Sullivan, Cornelius Fire
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John Fire
Sullivan, John Police
Sullivan, John J. Police
Sullivan, John J. Police
Sullivan, John J.
Sullivan, John J. Police
Sullivan, John J.
Sullivan, John M.
Sullivan, M. J. Police
Sullivan, Michael J. Fire
Sullivan, Owen M.
Sullivan, Patrick F. Fire
Sullivan, Patrick J.
Sullivan, Thomas Other
Sullivan, Thomas Fire
Sullivan, Will Fire
Summer, Charles Police
Summers, James M. Police
Supear, Samuel J.
Surber, Harry T.
Surface, Jacob B.
Sutherland, L. D.
Sutton, Albert A.
Sutton, Elbarnard S.
Sutton, F. E.
Sutton, James M. Police
Swain, Guy M.
Swain, J. S. Police
Swan, William G. Fire
Swank, Forrest A. Police
Sweeney, A. P. Police
Sweeney, Pete
Sweeney, T. Police
Sweeney, Thomas Fire
Sweeney, William B. Fire
Swift, George E.
Swift, Herbert W.
Swiggett, Bert Fire
Swisher, John
Swisher, John A.
Syers, Joseph
Sylvest, George H. Police
Syrus, Edgar
Szathouski, Steve Fire
Taber, George D.
Taber, William Harry Fire
Taffe, George A. Police
Taggart, A. L. Other
Tague, Thomas Police
Talbott, Daniel C.
Talbott, Preston
Tallentire, William G. Police
Tanner, Hugh H.
Tansy, George Police
Tash, Grant
Tate, Emry Ed.
Tate, Jesse
Tate, William H. Police
Tatlock, Everett L. Fire
Tawey, Martin J.
Taxis, Carl E. Fire
Taylor, Charles O. Police
Taylor, Clarence R. Fire
Taylor, M. J.
Taylor, Oliver P.
Taylor, Paul A. Police
Taylor, Robin J. Police
Taylor, William
Taylor, William E.
Teague, Marshall Police
Tecoma, Patsy
Temple, Richard S.
Ten Eyck, Edward
TenBrock, Howard Police
Tepoff, Pete Police
Tharp, Louis L.
Thatcher, Holman C.
Thayer, Laurel Conwell Other
Thayer, Oel Police
Thomas, Charles G. Police
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, Henry C.
Thomas, Jack Lewellen Fire
Thomas, Othello D. Police
Thomas, W. R. Police
Thompson, Evert R.
Thompson, Gilbert
Thompson, Gilbert
Thompson, J. Claud
Thompson, Jesse R.
Thompson, John
Thompson, John H. Police
Thompson, Nile Fire
Thompson, Theodore C. Fire
Thompson, Willis H. Police
Thorner, Moses Other
Thorpe, Robert Other
Thrall, Richard H.
Tingle, Jasper
Tipps, George A. Police
Titus, Steve W.
Tobin, Frank
Tobin, William
Todd, Grover C. Fire
Todd, James H.
Todd, James W. Police
Todd, Joseph E. Fire
Todd, Orin Fire
Todd, Raymond D. Fire
Todd, William E.
Tolle, Emmett S. Police
Tomlinson, George H.
Tomlinson, George W. Police
Tomlinson, Milton N.
Tomlinson, William
Tompkins, Sam B.
Toner, Joseph Fire
Toner, Oscar N.
Toner, Stephen J.
Tooley, Donald Q. Police
Tooley, Elzra C. Police
Toombs, Hubert L. Fire
Toon, George C. Fire
Torbett, Wirt W. Fire
Towns, Arthur Police
Townsend, George M. Fire
Townsend, W. H.
Trabue, Edward Police
Tracy, John
Trautman, Frank C.
Travers, Dennis C. Fire
Treadway, Charles T. Fire
Treadway, Ralph Fire
Trefry, Louis F. Fire
Tremp, William P. Police
Trimble, Fred
Trimpe, Benjamin Police
Trimpe, Edward H. Fire
Trisler, Thomas O.
Trotter, Charles B.
Troutman, Leolin M. Police
Troxall, Charles O. Police
True, John C. Fire
Trulock, Notra Fire
Trussler, Otnay C. Police
Tryon, Charles R.
Tschaegle, Louis Fire
Tuck, George F. Fire
Tuck, J. A. Police
Tucker, Earl Fire
Tucson, William
Tullis, A. H.
Tullis, Edward
Tupper, Burton A.
Turner, Charles
Turner, Charles
Turner, Claude Fire
Turner, Fred W. Fire
Turner, Oliver B. Police
Turner, W. R.
Turner, William W. Fire
Turney, H. A. Other
Tutewiler, Charles W. Other
Tutt, Edward M. Other
Twente, William F.
Tyner, L. F. Police
Tyner, Otis L. Police
Tyner, Ralph C. Fire
Tynor, Herman D. Fire
Tyree, Clay
Tyree, Frank Fire
Tyrell, William R.
Ulrey, Harry Police
Ulrich, William E. Fire
Underwood, Albert A. Fire
Underwood, Clyde Police
Underwood, H.
Unversaw, Bert Fire
Unversaw, Louis F. Fire
Vachet, Leo F.
Van Buren, O. M.
Van Cleave, Thomas
Van Dyke, C. R.
Van Hoy, Robert W. Police
Van Ness, Blanche Other
Van Ohlen, Ruben G. Fire
Van Pelt, Harry C. Fire
Van Sayre, William B. Fire
Van Sickle, Clifford
Van Sickle, Marion C. Police
Vance, Arthur O. Police
Vann, Charles LeRoy Fire
Vannon, John W.
Vannostrand, John S.
Vanstan, George
Vehling, Christian Fire
Vesper, John
Vice, Roy W. Fire
Vickery, LeRoy
Viles, Charles A. Police
Vincent, Albert S.
Vincent, James Police
Vinson, Fred D.
Vogler, William E.
Volderaner, Frank Police
Volderaner, Howard Police
Volderaner, John Police
Volderaner, William
Vollmer, Christopher
Von Ohlen, R. G.
Vondersaar, William H.
Voorhies, Harry E. Police
Voshell, Harry E. Fire
Wachstetter, Henry Fire
Wade, Henry Roscoe
Wagaman, Ward
Wagener, Fred B. Fire
Wagner, Fronzo D. Police
Wagner, George H.
Wahl, Andrew Other
Waits, Joseph B.
Wakefield, Leroy
Wald, Herbert R. Fire
Walden, Clarence Police
Walden, O. M. Fire
Walk, William Police
Walker, Bertram F. Police
Walker, Grover C.
Walker, James A. Fire
Walker, Theodore Police
Wall, Barton J.
Wallace, Earl Police
Wallace, Edgar
Wallace, George
Wallace, LeRoy
Wallace, R. C. Fire
Wallace, William F.
Walsh, Edward J. Fire
Walt, Charles Police
Walter, Alfred L. Fire
Walter, F. Wilson
Walters, Clarence B. Police
Walters, Robert
Walters, Robert A.
Walton, Ray Fire
Wamscott, W.
Wamscott, William
Wamsley, Willard L. Fire
Wantland, Calvin W.
Ward, Arthur Police
Ward, Chester Police
Ward, John
Ward, Rollie P.
Warford, George F. Fire
Warner, Calvin M. Police
Warner, Vernon Fire
Warren, Elmer Police
Warren, N. A.
Warrenburg, James A. Fire
Warrenburg, Walter Fire
Washburn, Albert R. Fire
Washburn, Harry Police
Washburn, LeRoy Fire
Washburn, Lester N. Fire
Watson, Ernest L.
Watson, James E.
Watson, Josephine Other
Watson, Leland J.
Watts, Ephraim Police
Watts, Williamson Police
Waughtel, Scott Police
Wayland, William H.
Waymire, Harry Police
Weaver, Arthur Police
Weaver, Cletus Police
Weaver, Everett
Weaver, Melvin Police
Webb, Albert C.
Webb, Bert A. Fire
Webb, James C.
Webb, William W. Police
Webber, Edward Fire
Webster, Oscar Police
Weddle, Charles E. Police
Weddle, Walter E. Police
Weesner, Edward A.
Weesner, Edward A.
Weible, John Police
Weimer, D. Law
Weisner, Edward A.
Weiss, Herbert R. Fire
Weisshaar, W. H. Fire
Welch, Henry J.
Welch, John T. Police
Welch, Raymond J. Fire
Welch, Robert Police
Wells, Carl W.
Wells, Elmer C. Police
Wells, Everett D. Fire
Wells, James B. Police
Wells, Ora G.
Wells, Ralph M. Other
Wells, Sam
Wells, Thomas W.
Welmer, Fred E.
Welsch, Charles S.
Welsh, Francis Fire
Welsh, James Fire
Wencke, E. A. Fire
Wenning, Herman Police
Wente, William Henry
Wenz, H. C. Police
Wenzler, Andy
Wenzler, George Fire
Werner, George F. Police
Werner, Henry
Werner, Michael
Werner, Nicholas L. Fire
Wernsing, Anthony B. Police
Wernsing, John Fire
West, Hugh
West, Jesse V. Fire
West, Lewellyn A.
West, Silas F.
West, Walter W. Fire
Westbay, Rufo E. Police
Westfall, Christopher Police
Whaley, Charles O. Fire
Whaley, Charles W.
Whaling, Herbert
Wheat, Ben C. Police
Wheat, Harry B. Fire
Wheatley, Clarence
Wheatley, Edgar H.
Wheatley, James Robert
Wheatley, John N. Fire
Wheeler, Edward Police
Wheeler, John H. Police
Wheeler, William Police
Whipple, Joseph
Whitaker, James L.
Whitaker, James W.
Whitaker, Richard W.
White, Claude C.
White, Hughes F. Fire
White, John F. Fire
White, John S. Police
White, Ora
White, Patrick
White, W. J.
White, Walter S. Police
White, William R. Fire
White, William T.
Whited, Herman B. Fire
Whitehead, Albert E. Police
Whitehead, Charles B. Fire
Whitfield, William Police
Whitlock, Jonathan L. Fire
Whitmeyer, Harry M. Fire
Whitmore, Herbert M.
Whitney, John
Whitsett, Ernest
Whitsett, H. E. Fire
Whittaker, Jack
Wieck, Jack Fire
Wiesehahn, Harry H.
Wiggam, Howard C.
Wilcox, James R.
Wilcox, John Fire
Wilcox, Leonard
Wildrick, Marion G. Fire
Wiley, Walter J. Fire
Wilharm, Henry C. Police
Wilhelm, Joseph Fire
Wilhite, Jasper
Wilkerson, Levi
Wilkerson, Mannie Roscoe Police
Wilkerson, Melvin E. Police
Wilkins, Elmer Fire
Willetts, Harry R. Other
William, Archie C. Fire
Williams, Charles R.
Williams, Charles S. Other
Williams, Clarence E.
Williams, David E. Fire
Williams, George
Williams, George
Williams, George A.
Williams, George W. Other
Williams, H. A. Fire
Williams, Joseph W.
Williams, Monroe
Williams, Ollie
Williams, Oscar E.
Williams, R. O.
Williams, Reed
Williams, Renzil Fire
Williams, Rosford
Williams, William G.
Williams, William H.
Williams, William H.
Williamson, James T. Police
Williamson, William
Williard, Peter F.
Willis, Charles O.
Willis, J. W.
Willis, John Police
Willis, Jasper
Willis, Lee Fire
Willis, Leo M.
Willis, W. Wines Fire
Willitts, Harry E. Other
Willoughby, Arthur
Wills, James E.
Wilmoth, Mary A. Other
Wilson, Charles Bruce
Wilson, H. A.
Wilson, J. F. Fire
Wilson, James F. Police
Wilson, James William Police
Wilson, John F.
Wilson, John L. Police
Wilson, John W.
Wilson, Joseph T. Police
Wilson, Leo T. Fire
Wilson, Otis E.
Wilson, Perry F.
Wilson, Subbina
Wilson, William Police
Wilson, William A.
Wilson, William E. Police
Wilson, William P. Fire
Wimmer, Foster H. Police
Windmoeller, Emil R. Fire
Wineinger, Orva M. Police
Winkelhous, Andrew Fire
Winkler, Fred D. Police
Winkler, George L.
Winkler, George L. Police
Winningham, J. T. Police
Winterrowd, Victor H.
Winters, John N. Fire
Wise, Edward A. Police
Wiseman, Joseph
Wisenberg, Lynus O. Police
Wolf, Jacob H. Police
Wolfgang, Charles H.
Womack, Allen W. Police
Wood, Harry Edward Police
Wood, Jesse
Wood, John B. Other
Wood, John R. Police
Wood, Kay
Woodard, Everett C. Police
Woodbeck, Theodore Other
Woodburn, William Police
Wooden, J. Steadman Police
Woodfill, Howard J. Fire
Woodruff, John Fire
Woods, Lee Police
Woods, Walter E. Fire
Woodward, William Police
Woodward, William Police
Woodward, William Police
Woody, Richard Other
Woolam, Merlin E.
Woolen, O. P.
Wooley, Oliver W. Police
Woollen, E. M.
Woollen, Robert E. Police
Woolwine, Delbert H. Fire
Wooten, George Police
Wooten, James A.
Worrell, Robert E. Police
Worth, Walter
Wray, Frank E. Police
Wright, Charles G.
Wright, George L. Police
Wright, Harry
Wright, Jack Police
Wright, John William
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Walter T. Fire
Wyatt, Ike
Wynn, Leslie
Wynn, Thomas M.
Yates, Frank M. Fire
Yates, Michael A. Police
Young, Adolphus Police
Young, Charles D. Police
Young, Jesse B. Police
Young, John
Young, Samuel B. Jr. Police
Younger, Russell
Yourart, Joseph D. Police
Zachary, Virgil M.
Zaring, J. H. Police
Zaring, Jack Henry
Zaring, John H. Fire
Zener, John E. Fire
Zink, Henry Other
Zipperer, Otto G. Police
Zix, George