Indiana State Archives Fee Structure

Document Reproduction

All Photocopy request must be approved by the archivist on duty. Not all materials will be suitable for reproduction due to condition or binding. On-site copy requests will be filled on the dat requested if staffing permit. It may be necessary to mail your copies, and shipping copies are excluded from pricing.

Paper Photocopies

Service Price
Copies $0.75

Microfilm Copies

Paper copy or digital capture* by patron onto patron’s own disk or flash drive.

Service Self-Service Price Staff Provided
Microfilm Copy to Paper or Microfilm to Digital Capture email $1.00 $3.00
Purchase of a CD or DVD for Patron Use $5.00 N/A
Duplicate Roll of Microfilm (Mini-Pos) N/A $50.00
Digitized Roll of Microfilm N/A $65.00

Digital Scans

Service Price
Low Resolution
Digital File only 300 .JPG or less
Medium Resolution
(Lowest option for detail aerial)
400-600 .JPG or 300 TIFF
High Resolution
600 TIFF+ or 1200 .JPG+

Digital Photography 

Digital photography is sometimes required for oversize items that cannot be scanned or photocopied. The Archives uses a high quality camera, however, due to the nature of the documents; we cannot guarantee the same quality available through scanning.

Service Price
350 .JPG $15.00
350 TIFF $25.00

Large Format Prints   

Large format prints are available for land plats, microfilmed blue prints etc. on a 36" roll of 20 lb. paper.

Service Price
Per Linear Ft. $4.00

Aerial Prints

Black and White

Service Price
8 x 10 Aerial Print  $15.00
10 x 10 Aerial Print $16.00
10 x 10 Aerial Detail Print $25.00
20 x 20 Aerial Detail Print $40.00

Large Aerial Paper Prints

These replace the blue line prints formally available at the State Land Office. They are digital photocopies printed on regular stock paper, not high quality photo paper. They are scanned at 400dpi.

Service Price
32 x 36 Print
Paper Copy Print Only
32 x 36 Print
Publication or Exhibition Use

The State Archives will add a $2.00 surcharge per item to the vendor's charges for any extraordinary requests (e.g., particular sized prints, color prints, special set-ups, etc.) A $5.00 surcharge will be added to requests that require the services of an outside vendor.

Research Fees

The State Archives' staff will answer specific questions relating to particular individuals and collections, but research for Indiana residents on any one request is limited to one hour. Additional research may be conducted if time and staffing permit, but requires payment of $15.00 per half an hour. Payment, including a charge for postage and handling, must be received before materials can be mailed. Checks should be made payable to the Indiana Archives and Records Administration (IARA).

Out of State patrons
Out of state patrons who request research by mail are charged at the rate of $15.00 per half hour, with a minimum charge of $15.00. This covers only the cost of the research. If any records are found, the charges for the charges for reproductions and shipping will be added; if no records are found, the research charge is still applicable. The staff will describe the resources which were reviewed and consulted via email or letter. Completed research results will be mailed after receipt of payment. 

Aerial Photograph Research Fees
Aerial photograph research fees are $20.00 per half an hour for all patrons regardless of residency. Only the more recent wide format aerials from the Land Office are searchable by township, range, and section number. Patrons will need to supply the archivist with detailed maps of the area for which they are searching.

Other Fees

Use Fees
The State Archives charges a Use Fee for the use of its images in publications, exhibits, or on websites. Please consult with an archivist. This form may be downloaded here.

Closed Institution Transcript
Transcripts for closed schools can be purchased by the student for $15 which includes the State Archives certification.

Certification Fee
The State Archives charges $5.00 to certify the authenticity of a copy or reproduction of Archives materials.

Electronic Record Index Fees
Electronic record index fees are $1.20 per individual electronic record index.

Shipping and Handling
The Archives generally ships items by first class mail and charges a fee for postage ad handling. Patrons can make arrangements for Federal Express or other document delivery services, if they supply their own account number.