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Listed below are some items to review upon obtaining your Trainer's License in Indiana.

It is the Trainer's responsibility for licensing their owners and employees. Trainers must sign each employee's application authorizing the Indiana Horse Racing Commission to license the applicant as your employee. The trainer must inform the Commission regarding any employee changes.

Please note a complete set of Indiana Horse Racing Commission Trainer rules can be found by referencing IAC Articles 5-3-1 (Standardbreds) and 5.5-3-1 (Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses) under Title 71 of the Indiana Administrative Code.

Employment and Employing Help
Trainers operating within restricted areas of licensed racetracks shall ensure that they (and their employees) are licensed.  A Trainer shall ensure that each owner for whom he or she trains applies for a license. A horse in a trainer’s care shall not start in a race unless the Owner has a license on file with the commission. All owners must be licensed prior to the first post of those evenings' races. Failure to obtain an owner's license in a timely manner could result in the horse(s) being scratched and/or a fine being assessed.

It shall be a trainer’s responsibility to maintain with the commission up-to-date names of owners, current employees, and others having access to the trainer’s assigned premises.  Such information shall be given by completing questions on your license application.  This application shall contain all information considered pertinent by the commission.  Changes in ownership of horses, new or discharged grooms, additions and/or deletions of horses noted on this form must be reported to the licensing office using the proper roster update form or application change form, whichever is applicable.

Please feel free to contact the Indiana Horse Racing Commission at either racetrack for any questions or additional information.