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Who do I call if I don't know my license number?
You may contact either license office. We can always look it up for you.

I am not going to be at the Track when my horse races.  What can I do?
You can apply online! Or, if you prefer, we can fax or e-mail you the forms prior to the horse racing.  The Judges/Stewards approval is necessary, so please allow enough time for their review.

I have never been a Trainer before.  How do I obtain my license for Indiana?
You will have to contact the Stewards (317/713-3360) for a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse trainer license, or the USTA if you race Standardbreds to take your Trainer’s test.  Once you have completed the trainers test with the USTA contact the Judges (765/609-4860) for further information regarding first time licensure in Indiana.  
For further information you can refer to IHRC Rule 71 IAC 5-3-1 and 71 IAC 5-3-6 or 71 iac 5.5-3-1 and 71 IAC 5.5-3-6.

I have a 2 year old daughter who is an Owner of a race horse.  What do I need to do to get her licensed?
Even at this age we still need a completed Owners application with her information on it.  If she can sign her name, then she can sign, otherwise her guardian can sign her name with their signature added to the form.  Due to her age, a parent or guardian will also need to be licensed as an Owner as well. The person taking responsibility for her will need to fill out a financial disclosure that states they will be responsible for all financial obligations incurred by racing the horse.  Of course, no fingerprints will are necessary at age 2, however the parent or legal guardian is required to be licensed (and fingerprinted) as part of her licensing process.  
For more information please refer to 71 IAC 5-2-1 Licensing requirements for owners.

I want to claim a horse, I have never been to Indiana, and I am out of the State.  What can I do?
Claims are typically handled in person, unless you have an authorized agent.  Please make sure to arrive in the office 2 hours prior to the first post to ensure the Stewards/Judges are in the office to approve your claim license request.

Please refer to Rule 1. Claiming Races (71 IAC 6.5-1-1 thru 71 IAC 6.5-1-6) for further information.

What are the licensing requirements if a horse races under more than one name?
Any individual that owns 5% or more of the horse will need to apply for an Owner’s license.

I race using a Stable Registration. What are the licensing requirements?
A completed Stable Registration form needs to be filed with the licensing office prior to racing your horse.  Individuals owning a 5% or more interest in the horse(s) are required purchase an Owners license.  Partners owning less than 5% are not required to be licensed, but if they chose to be licensed or if they come to the track to see their horse, it would be in their best interest to be licensed as an Owner to gain access to the backside.

For further information you can refer to the HRC rule 71 IAC 5-2-2 and 71 IAC 5-2-4

Who do I contact for any ownership changes in horse ownership?
You must notify the appropriate Indiana Horse Racing Commission license office of any changes in ownership.

I lease a horse.  What do I have to do in order for my horse to race?
According to rule 71 IAC 5.5-2-3 (Lease agreements) a horse may be raced under a lease provided a completed breed registry or other lease form acceptable to the commission is attached to the certificate of registration and on file with the commission.  NOTE:  both the lessor and lessee shall be licensed as individual horse owners.


What are the age requirements for fingerprinting?
You must have fingerprints on file for those applicants who are between the ages of 18 and 80.

My fingerprints do not change, so why do I have to be fingerprinted again?
The FBI will not release this information unless a new fingerprint card is submitted.

Can you use my fingerprints from another state?
Yes, as long as you have been licensed within the last 5 years we can try to get your print information from them. Some states participate in reciprocity and some do not.  Please contact the licensing office for the correct form.

If I get printed from my police station why do I still have to pay you for fingerprints?  I already paid for them at my local police station.
If you choose to be fingerprinted outside the office, please note there is a possibility you will be charged a fee for this service; so to save money you may come into either licensing office, where we print for free.
There will still be a charge to submit your fingerprint card for a criminal history record check not only through the State, but through the FBI.  To process your prints we must send the correct processing fees with your card.

How much are fingerprints?
Please call either licensing office to obtain current pricing.

If I am printed from another jurisdiction what do you need me to bring with me at the time of licensing?
It would be helpful if you would bring your badge from the other jurisdiction with you.  This will speed up the process of obtaining your print information.

May I submit my renewal application online if I need to be fingerprinted again?
Yes; however, if fingerprints are required, you will have a certain amount of time to submit your fingerprints.  Failure to submit your fingerprints by the date provided by the Licensing office could result in your Indiana license being suspended or revoked.

Fees and Expiration Dates

How much does my license cost?
It depends on the type of license you apply for.  All fees are indicated on the application and can also be found on our License Fees page.  Owners or Trainer licenses are $35 and grooms are $15.  Keep in mind that additional fees may apply if fingerprints are necessary.

When does my license expire?
No matter what time of the year you obtain your license, all licenses expire December 31st of every calendar year.

Photo license Badges

Do I need a badge?
If you wish to have backside access, then you will need your photo ID badge issued by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission to get into restricted areas.  If you do not have a photo on file, please stop by our licensing office and we will be happy to take your picture to issue you a badge.  If you are unable to come to our office during our public office hours, please feel free to e-mail a current digital photo of yourself to INHorseracing@hrc.in.gov We will be happy to add your photo to your profile and send your current photo ID badge to you via USPS.

If you don’t plan to go to the backside, there is no reason to worry about receiving a photo ID badge - as long as you are currently licensed and in good standing for the racing year, your horse is eligible to enter a race whether you hold an ID badge or not.

Can I just use the badge I already have?
No, you’ll need a current badge for the year.

I renewed by Owners license by mail, but don’t have a badge.  How do I get one?
If you have the receipt we mailed you upon processing your license, please stop by our office to have your photo taken and your badge printed.  If you’re unable to visit our office during our public hours, please send us a digital photo of yourself via e-mail to INHorseracing@hrc.in.gov Once we receive your photo we’ll mail your photo ID badge to the address provided.

Multiple Owners and Businesses

Will I receive a license badge for a business license?
No. Photo ID License badges are only issued to individual licensees.

I want a vendor's license. Why do I have to complete two applications?
The Vendor Contractor license application tells us about your company.  This license allows your product onto facility grounds.  Your employee(s) need to complete their own individual license application to sell your product at the Track.  Completing an individual application tells us about the individual selling your product or conducting business on your behalf.  Both the ‘company’  application and the vendor employee application(s) must be filed before your business is allowed on the grounds.