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License Fees

The Indiana Horse Racing Commission charges the following fees listed below for licenses. Please note that an additional $25 fee may be necessary if you need fingerprints submitted in the State of Indiana.

Indiana Horse Racing License Fees (As of January 2018)

License Type License Fee License Type License Fee
Apprentice Jockey $35 Massage Therapist Helper $35
Assistant Trainer $35 Owner (SB, TB QH) $35
Authorized Agent $35 Pari-Mutuel Clerk $15
Vendor Employee $15 Judge/Steward (Commission Employee) $0
Driver $35 Pony Rider $15
Equine Dentist $100 Racing Official (Track Employee) $35
Exercise Rider $15 Track Employee $15
Farrier's Assistant $35 Track Management $60
Farrier $35 Track Security $15
Gate Crew (Track Employee) $35 Trainer (SB, TB, QH) $35
Groom (SB, TB QH) $15 Valet (TB) (Track Employee) $35
Hot Walker $15 Vendor/Contractor $100
Jockey $35 Practicing or Track Vet $100
Jockey Agent $100 Veterinarian's Helper $35
Massage Therapist $100