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Owners License box

Welcome Owners!

You are about to link to an on-line application for owners. We think you will be very pleased with the new streamlined program and the ease with which you can complete the licensing process.

If you are renewing your Indiana owner's license and have a digitized photograph in our database, we will mail your owner's license photo I.D. badge to you. There will be no requirement for you to visit the licensing office.

If you are applying to Indiana for the first time or if you don't have a digitized photo on file; we will send you a receipt as proof of licensure. If you would like a photo I.D. badge, please visit our licensing office during our public hours.

Whether you are a renewing owner or a new owner we will process your mailed-in application within just a few business days. You are now ready to apply for license here.

Please print the License Form, complete by hand, sign it and mail it.

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