License Fees

The Indiana Horse Racing Commission charges the following fees listed below for licenses. Please note that an additional $25 fee may be necessary if you need fingerprints submitted in the State of Indiana.

Indiana Horse Racing License Fees (As of January 2007)

License Type License Fee License Type License Fee
Apprentice Jockey $35 Owner/Trainer (SB, TB, QH) $60
Assistant Trainer $35 Owner /Trainer/Driver (SB) $60
Authorized Agent $35 Pari-Mutuel Clerk $15
Concession/Vendor Employee $15 Presiding Judge/Steward $0
Driver $35 Pony Rider $15
Driver/Trainer $60 Racing Official $35
Duplicate Badge $10 Stable Employee $15
Exercise Rider $15 Track Employee $15
Farrier's Assistant $35 Track Management $60
Farrier/Horseshoer $35 Track Security $15
Gate Crew (Track Employee) $35 Trainer (SB, TB, QH) $35
Groom (SB, TB QH) $15 Valet (TB) $35
Jockey $35 Vendor/Contractor $100
Jockey Agent $100 Veterinarian (Track Vet) $100
Owner (SB, TB QH) $35 Veterinarian's Assistant $35

Indiana Lessee/Lessor Requirements

Indiana's rule for lessee/lessor requires that not only the lessee be licensed as an owner but also the lessor.

Trainer Responsibility

Listed below are some items to review upon obtaining your Trainer's License in Indiana.

It is the Trainer's responsibility for licensing their owners and employees. Trainers must sign each employee's application authorizing the Indiana Horse Racing Commission to license the applicant as your employee. The trainer must inform the Commission regarding any employee changes.

All owners must be licensed prior to the first post of those evenings' races. Failure to obtain an owner's license in a timely manner could result in the horse(s) being scratched and/or a fine being assessed.

Indiana also requires each trainer to file a Trainer's Stable Roster listing the horses under their care, their owners, and any employees (grooms, hotwalkers, etc.)

Please feel free to contact the Indiana Horse Racing Commission at Indiana Grand for any questions or additional information at 317-713-3350 or email us by clicking here. You can also write to us at:

Indiana Horse Racing Commission
C/o Indiana Grand
4425 N 200W
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