In July of 2013, Executive Order 13-20 established the Office of State-Based Initiatives (OSBI) within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OSBI’s mission is to take the lead in pushing back against federal mandates and regulations that undermine state sovereignty. In order to accomplish its mission, OSBI works with agencies to develop and promote Hoosier solutions to Hoosier problems. This is accomplished through performing agency grant review, recommending federal mandate and regulation cost reductions to the Governor, and working with Indiana’s Congressional delegation to urge the federal government to cut strings attached to federal funds in order to more efficiently and effectively serve Hoosiers.

In order to better understand the costs incurred because of federal regulations, and how those costs affect the marketplace, OSBI also communicates with businesses in Indiana. Jobs are scarce, and states compete for jobs. While Indiana has worked hard over the years to create a more attractive business climate, federal regulations remain an onerous burden on Indiana businesses. Small businesses and start-ups are disproportionately affected because they are less equipped to handle regulatory burdens than larger companies. In order to create a more competitive marketplace, thereby allowing more new businesses to thrive and create jobs, it is necessary for Indiana to have the freedom to implement effective Hoosier solutions so Hoosiers have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Hoosiers know that limited government works. By electing officials at all levels of government to enact sound fiscal policies, Hoosiers have laid the foundation for sustained economic growth. However, federal regulations prevent Indiana from truly standing out compared to other states. OSBI strives to ensure that expensive federal regulations do not compromise Indiana’s firm financial footing by knowing when to say “Thanks, but no thanks”, and working with Hoosiers to find better solutions so all Hoosiers may fully realize the benefits of responsible governance.