Nature Historical Markers


ID Historical Marker County
08.1963.1 Sycamore Row Carroll
10.1992.1 Clark State Forest Clark
10.1998.1 Fern Grove and Rose Island Resorts Clark
13.1992.2 Early Mining At Wyandotte Caves Crawford
18.1981.1 First Indiana Gas Well Delaware
19.1949.1 Buffalo Trace Vincennes to Clarksville Dubois
20.1997.1 A.E. Kunderd Gladiolus Farm Elkhart
20.2001.1 Krider Nurseries World's Fair Garden Elkhart
22.1999.1 Buffalo Trace Route Floyd
22.2007.1 New Albany Tornado, 1917 Floyd
23.1997.1 Attica & Covington Canal Skirmish Fountain
23.2003.1 Ravine Park Fountain
24.2017.1 Passenger Pigeon Extinction Franklin
29.2007.1 Potter's Covered Bridge Hamilton
31.1992.1 Cedar Glade Harrison
40.1999.1 Muscatatuck Park Jennings
43.1966.1 Indiana's Glacier Lakes Kosciusko
43.1968.1 Continental Divide Kosciusko
47.1966.1 Indiana (Oolitic) Limestone Quarries Lawrence
49.1998.3 German Greenhouses and Truck Gardens Marion
49.1999.1 Indianapolis Fire Department / Bowen-Merrill Fire Marion
49.2004.2 John Muir in Indianapolis Marion
53.1996.1 Stinesville Limestone Industry Monroe
55.1966.1 Wisconsin Glacial Boundary Morgan
57.1992.1 Sylvan Lake Noble
57.2013.1 Gene Stratton-Porter Noble
60.2008.1  Cataract Falls Covered Bridge  Owen 
61.1968.4 Turkey Run Parke
61.2012.1 Juliet V. Strauss Parke
63.1966.1 The Buffalo Trace Pike
64.2009.1 Edwin Way Teale Porter
65.2004.1 Tri-State Tornado Posey
65.2006.1 Griffin Oil Discovery Posey
66.1988.1 First Indiana Natural Gas Well Pulaski
71.1997.2 Battell Park St. Joseph
78.1980.1 Dr. Elwood Mead (1858-1936) Switzerland
82.1976.1 First SWCD in Indiana Vanderburgh
82.2003.1 Ohio River Levee Vanderburgh
88.1995.1 Illinoian Glacier Boundary Washington
90.2001.1 Charles C. Deam Wells

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ID Historical Marker County
01.2006.1 Geneva Downtown Historic District Adams
03.1995.1 Hartsville College Bartholomew
10.2001.1 Tunnel Mill Clark
10.2006.1 Indiana State Prison Clark
10.2012.1 John Work Home and Mill* Clark
13.1992.1 Leavenworth Crawford
14.2007.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Daviess
16.1980.1 Decatur County Court House Decatur
22.2005.2 Fairview Cemetery Floyd
31.1965.2 Harrison County Jail Harrison
40.1997.2 Kellar Grist Mill Jennings
40.2003.1 Vernon Historic District Jennings
49.2007.3 St. Vincent's Infirmary Marion
49.2009.2 Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Marion
51.1966.1 Site of Hindostan (.6 mile south) Martin
53.2011.1 State Seminary of Indiana Monroe
57.1967.1 Chief Papakeecha's House one quarter mile south Noble
57.1999.1 Noble County Seat / Noble County Courthouse Noble
62.1965.1 Civil War Memorial Grave 1865 Perry
63.1976.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Completed 1853 Pike
68.2005.1 Farmland Downtown Historic District Randolph
72.2002.6 Lake Iola Interurban Site Scott
84.2001.1 Markle Mill Site Vigo