Special Event Historical Markers

ID Historical Marker County
14.1999.2 Homer E. Capehart / GOP Cornfield Conference Daviess
22.2012.1 Mob Violence, 1862 Floyd
37.1992.1 Fountain Park Chautauqua Jasper
46.2010.1 The Lincoln Funeral Train LaPorte
48.2013.1 Abolitionists Mobbed Madison
49.1961.2 Lincoln to the Citizens of Indiana Marion
49.1975.2 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Marion
49.2005.1 Robert F. Kennedy on Death of Martin L. King Marion
49.2009.1 The Lincoln Funeral Train Marion
61.2001.1 Rockville Chautauqua Pavilion Parke
64.1997.1 Ogden Dunes Ski Jump Porter
72.2002.8 Marshfield Train Robbery Scott
77.1989.2 Merom Bluff Chautauqua, 1905-1936 Sullivan
85.2006.1 Brethren Annual Meetings Wabash
89.2003.1 Indiana's First Woman's Rights Convention Wayne
91.1992.1 Trooper Paul Vincent Minneman White

See Also

ID Historical Marker County
14.1992.1 Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad Depot Daviess
20.2001.1 Krider Nurseries World's Fair Garden Elkhart
23.2003.1 Ravine Park Fountain
34.1966.1 Haynes' Horseless Carriage Howard
49.1992.4 Site of Golden Hill Totem Pole Marion
57.1992.1 Sylvan Lake Noble