Cemetery Historical Markers

ID Historical Marker County
06.1961.1 Indian Cemetery Eel River Tribe of Miamis Boone
22.2005.2 Fairview Cemetery Floyd
27.1972.1 Miami Indian Cemetery Grant
31.1966.4 Cedar Hill Cemetery Harrison
49.1976.2 Crown Hill Marion
52.1992.1 Burial Place of Francis Godfroy Miami
54.2002.1 William Bratton Lewis and Clark Expedition Member Montgomery
71.2002.1 Jewish Cemetery Site St. Joseph
71.2003.1 Porter (Rea) Cemetery St. Joseph
88.1981.1 Brock Cemetery Washington

See Also

ID Historical Marker County
03.1992.1 Private Barton W. Mitchell Bartholomew
10.1966.1 Grave of Jonathan Jennings (1784-1834) (Two Blocks East) Clark
14.1993.1 Burial Site of Captain Eli McCarty Daviess
39.1999.1 Alois O. Bachman Jefferson
52.1949.1 Frances Slocum Grave* Miami
54.1981.1 Chief Cornstalk's Village Montgomery
62.1965.1 Civil War Memorial Grave 1865 Perry
65.1966.2 Alvin P. Hovey 1821-1891 Posey
70.1969.1 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
70.1969.2 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
70.1969.3 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
70.1969.4 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
77.1972.1 Grave of Jane Todd Crawford Sullivan