Buildings & Architecture Historical Markers


ID Historical Marker County
01.2006.1 Geneva Downtown Historic District Adams
03.2000.1 Bartholomew County Courthouse Bartholomew
04.1995.1 Benton County Courthouse Benton
05.1994.1 Blackford County Courthouse Blackford
07.1992.1 T.C. Steele Home and Studio Brown
10.2001.1 Tunnel Mill Clark
10.2006.1 Indiana State Prison Clark
10.2017.1 WWII Army Ammunition Plant Clark
11.2001.1 Clay County Courthouse Clay
14.1989.1 Mimi's House Daviess
14.1992.1 Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad Depot Daviess
16.1980.1 Decatur County Court House Decatur
17.1992.1 Auburn Automobile Company DeKalb
17.1996.1 Spencerville Covered Bridge DeKalb
20.2001.2 Elkhart County Courthouse Elkhart
20.2003.1 Goshen's Carnegie Library Elkhart
20.2006.2 E. Hill Turnock Elkhart
22.1992.1 Michael C. Kerr Home Floyd
22.1996.1 State Bank of Indiana Floyd
22.1996.2 Culbertson Mansion Floyd
22.2003.1 Culbertson Widows' Home Floyd
22.2004.2 New Albany Downtown Historic District Floyd
22.2005.1 Division Street School Floyd
22.2005.3 New Albany's Carnegie Library Floyd
23.2005.1 Attica's Carnegie Library Fountain
24.1949.1 Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church Franklin
24.1995.2 Brookville's Carnegie Library Franklin
24.2002.1 Brookville's Grandstand Franklin
24.2005.1 Snow Hill Covered Bridge Franklin
27.1988.1 [West Ward School] Grant
27.1995.1 J.W. Patterson House Grant
27.2014.1 Samuel Plato Grant
28.1998.1 Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge Greene
29.2005.1 Conner Street Historic District Hamilton
29.2005.2 Conner Street Historic District Hamilton
29.2007.1 Potter's Covered Bridge Hamilton
31.1948.1 Indiana Capitol Harrison
31.1962.1 First State Office Building Harrison
31.1965.1 Posey House Harrison
31.1965.2 Harrison County Jail Harrison
31.1965.3 Governor's Headquarters Harrison
31.2006.1 Cedar Glade Harrison
32.2000.1 Danville's Main Street Historic District Hendricks
32.2001.1 Danville's Carnegie Library Hendricks
35.1979.3 Huntington's Buildings Over the River / Huntington's Ford and First Bridge Huntington
35.2007.1 Warren's Carnegie Library Huntington
36.2008.1  Medora Shale Brick Plant  Jackson
37.2006.1 Remington Water Tower Jasper
39.1992.1 Madison Historic District Jefferson
40.2003.1 Vernon Historic District Jennings
42.1995.1 Old French House Knox
42.2001.1 Vincennes' Carnegie Library Knox
43.1999.1 Chinworth Bridge Kosciusko
43.2003.1 Kosciusko County Jail Kosciusko
43.2007.1 Chinworth Bridge Kosciusko
45.1995.1 St. John Township School, District #2 Lake
46.2001.1 LaPorte County Courthouse LaPorte
46.2002.1 LaPorte's Carnegie Library LaPorte
47.1998.1 Bedford Courthouse Square Historic District Lawrence
47.2005.1 Dunn Memorial Hospital Lawrence
49.1946.1 State Capitol Marion
49.1975.2 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Marion
49.1976.3 Woodruff Place Marion
49.1992.1 Crispus Attucks High School Marion
49.1995.2 Joseph W. Summers Memorial Bridge Marion
49.1995.3 Joseph W. Summers Memorial Bridge Marion
49.1995.4 The Old Northside Marion
49.1995.5 The Old Northside Marion
49.1996.2 Bates-Hendricks House Marion
49.1998.2 Lockerbie Square Marion
49.1999.2 Athenaeum Marion
49.2009.2 Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Marion
49.2009.4 Indianapolis Propylaeum Marion
49.2016.2 Senate Avenue YMCA Marion
49.2016.3 Central State Hospital Marion
49.2018.1 James Whitcomb Riley Home Marion
52.1992.2 House of Chief Richardville Miami
53.1996.1 Stinesville Limestone Industry Monroe
53.2000.1 Ferry Bridge Monroe
53.2001.1 Monroe County Courthouse Monroe
53.2007.1 Monroe County's Carnegie Library Monroe
53.2008.1  Kappa Alpha Psi Monroe
54.1962.1 Lane Place Montgomery
54.1993.1 Darlington Covered Bridge Montgomery
54.2000.1 Montgomery County Rotary Jail Montgomery
54.2009.1 Crawfordsville’s Carnegie Library Montgomery
57.1967.1 Chief Papakeecha's House one quarter mile south Noble
57.1999.1 Noble County Seat / Noble County Courthouse Noble
60.1997.1 Owen County Courthouse Owen
60.2008.1  Cataract Falls Covered Bridge  Owen
61.1975.1 [Parke County Museum] Parke
61.1998.1 Portland Mills Covered Bridge Parke
61.2001.1 Rockville Chautauqua Pavilion Parke
65.2001.1 New Harmony Workingmen's Institute Posey
68.2005.1 Farmland Downtown Historic District Randolph
69.2006.1 Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Ripley
71.1968.2 First Bridge St. Joseph
71.1997.1 Normain Heights Subdivision St. Joseph
71.1997.2 Battell Park St. Joseph
72.2001.1 Scott County Courthouse Scott
72.2002.1 Scott County's Carnegie Library Scott
72.2002.2 Scott County Home Scott
72.2003.3 Lexington First County Seat Scott
77.2008.1  Sullivan Carnegie Library Sullivan
79.1992.1 Perrin Historic District Tippecanoe
79.1997.1 Highland Park Tippecanoe
79.1997.2 Highland Park Tippecanoe
79.1998.1 Centennial Historic District Tippecanoe
79.2001.1 Ninth Street Hill Neighborhood Historic District Tippecanoe
80.1994.1 Tipton County Courthouse Tipton
82.1999.1 McCurdy-Sears Building Vanderburgh
82.2007.1 Sheriff's Residence and Jail Vanderburgh
83.1995.1 Newport Covered Bridge Vermillion
83.1995.2 Eugene Covered Bridge Vermillion
83.1997.1 The Hillsdale Steps Vermillion
83.2001.1 Vermillion County Jail Vermillion
85.2000.1 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Wabash
88.1998.1 Washington County Courthouse / Salem Downtown Historic District Washington
89.2018.1 Wayne County Seminary Wayne
91.1961.1 The Wolcott House White


See Also

ID Historical Marker County
02.1992.1 Home of Philo T. Farnsworth Allen
03.1998.1 Booker T. Washington School Bartholomew
03.1998.2 Second Baptist Church Bartholomew
10.2012.1 John Work Home and Mill Clark
13.2006.1 Marengo Academy Crawford
18.1996.1 Shaffer Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Delaware
20.1998.2 Ambrose G. Bierce Elkhart
22.1998.1 Scribner High School Floyd
23.1970.1 Boyhood Home of Daniel W. Voorhees Fountain
24.2006.1 Brigadier General CSA Francis Asbury Shoup Franklin
27.2011.1 Marion Branch, NHDVS Grant
31.1995.1 Leora Brown School Harrison
31.2003.1 St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church Harrison
32.2001.2 Central Normal College Hendricks
39.2004.2 Lyman Hoyt Jefferson
39.2004.3 Eleutherian College Jefferson
45.2014.2 Stewart Settlement House Lake
46.1966.1 Old Lighthouse LaPorte
47.1966.1 Indiana (Oolitic) Limestone Quarries Lawrence
49.2015.2 T. C. Steele Studio and Herron Marion
53.2005.1 The Colored School Monroe
53.2008.2 Benjamin Banneker School Monroe
64.1997.1 Ogden Dunes Ski Jump Porter
69.2004.1 Union Church Ripley
71.2017.2 Better Homes of South Bend St. Joseph
74.1962.1 Lincoln Boyhood Home* Spencer
78.2018.1 Dr. John Shaw Billings Switzerland
84.1992.1 Home of Eugene V. Debs Vigo
88.19??.? Early Quaker Meetinghouse* Washington
89.1992.1 Overbeck House and Studio Wayne
89.2002.1 Levi Coffin Wayne