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Indianapolis the Capital Part 2 - Focus

This issue concludes our commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the founding of Indianapolis.

Part 1, in the March 1996 issue, ended with the January 6, 1821 act that named the town and appointed commissioners to lay it out.

This issue covers the beginnings of Indianapolis and Marion County. It closes with the arrival of state government to the new capital in the fall of 1824.

On page 3, the commissioners are introduced, with a focus on Christopher Harrison.

On page 4, the surveying and platting of the town is covered. Alexander Ralston's 1821 plat of the town is presented on page 5 (and above).

On pages 6-8, the sale of land in Indianapolis in October 1821 is examined. On page 9, many of the early residents are introduced.

The organization of Marion County is covered on pages 10-11.

On pages 12-13, there is an account of the move of the critical parts of Indiana's state government from Corydon to Indianapolis.

"Behind the Scenes," on page 14, presents some personal elements of historical research.

Page 15, as usual, contains bibliography and resources.

The back cover provides a map showing the movement of early Indianapolis settlers.