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Letter from the Congressional Delegate

A letter from Jennings dated April 16 reporting the action of Congress was printed in the Western Sun on May 11. The Sun had learned of the passage of Enabling Act on May 2. Voting places in Knox County were announced in the issue of May 4. (32)

Washington City, April 16th, 1816.

....The act to enable the people of Indiana to form a constitution and State government has passed both Houses of Congress, and will undoubtedly receive the President's signature. The act fixes the second Monday of May next, for the election of members of the convention in the several counties. Each county has the number of members to elect, as were allotted to each by the Territorial legislature except the county of Harrison. Every citizen qualified to vote for members of the Territorial legislature is qualified to vote for members of the convention, and the second Monday of June next is fixed by the act for the meeting of the convention when elected at the seat of Government. The times fixed for the election and meeting of the convention, are as well suited to every interest and circumstance connected with the proposed important change of our form of government as I was enabled to select when every consideration was duly weighed, and I trust will be so considered when the convention shall act officially on the subject. With regard to the grants and conditions contained in this act, the convention when met will be able to form a correct estimate. Allow me, however, to state that they are at least as advantageous if not more so, than those granted to any other Territory on similar occasions...

Very respectfully,

I am very obediently yours,


(32) Western Sun, May 11, May 4, 1816.