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Episode Eight: Thanks, Credits, and Notes

Show Notes


“Body Found in Pond and Weighted Down,” (Muncie Star) Press, November 1, 1904. 
“Death Frees Cook From Reformatory,” Muncie Evening Press, April 6, 1907. 
“Tale of a Hoosier Haunted House,” Indianapolis News, November 2, 1901. 
“The Ghost Club,” (Sacramento) Record-Union, October 31, 1891.
“The Haunted Farm-House,” Indianapolis Journal, July 24, 1892.
“Hundreds Saw The Goshen Ghost,” Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, February 7, 1909.
“See Pres Sanderson’s Ghost?” Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, March 3, 1907.


Special Thanks

Jill Weiss

Jill is the outstanding sound engineer for Talking Hoosier History. From selecting awesome music and sound effects to setting up equipment to uploading content, Jill is a Jack of all trades! 

Justin Clark

Justin is a project assistant with the Hoosier State Chronicles newspaper digitization project. Justin is the voice of newspapers here on Talking Hoosier History. In this episode, you heard his very best Vincent Price impression! If you’re interested in reading historical newspaper articles, visit Hoosier State Chronicles online.

Music Credits