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Episode Six // Scenes from the Indiana State Fair

August 1, 2017

Episode Six: Thanks, Credits, and Notes

Episode Five // The KKK, Political Corruption, and the Indianapolis Times

July 3, 2017

Episode Five: Thanks, Credits, and Notes

Episode Five is based on research by Casey Pfeiffer for the Indianapolis Times State Historical Marker.
For more information, read Justin Clark's Hoosier State Chronicles blog post: The Indianapolis Times: A Short History.  

Episode Four // Midwestern Making of Poet Kenneth Rexroth

June 1, 2017

Episode Four: Thanks, Credits, and Notes

This episode features the 2016-2017 Indiana Poet Laureate Shari Wagner reading the works of Kenneth Rexroth. But we have so much more than we could fit into the podcast!  Listen to Wagner read these Rexroth poems:

"Maroon Bells"

"Andree Rexroth"

"Delia Rexroth"

Excerpt from "The Phoenix and The Tortoise"

Episode Four is based on research by Jill Weiss for the Kenneth Rexroth state historical marker.
Weiss wrote two blog posts you can read at Blogging Hoosier History:

Part One: The Midwestern Making of Kenneth Rexroth: Robbing Cash Registers and Reading the Classics

Part Two: Kenneth Rexroth: Poet, Pacifist, Radical, and Reluctant Father of the Beat Generation

Episode Three // George Washington Julian Vs. Slavery

May 1, 2017

Most of the music featured in Episode Three is from the collection "Band Music from the Civil War Era" and used courtesy of the Library of Congress. Read the full music credits, show notes, and thanks here:

Episode Three: Thanks, Credits, and Notes


Episode Two // Melba Phillips Vs. the Atomic Bomb and the Cold War

April 1, 2017


Our featured track of Episode Two is “Look Back In” by the award-winning musician Moby. Hear it around the 18:20 mark.  The song was licensed to IHB for this production courtesy of MobyGratis, a unique resource providing Moby songs for creative projects. Read the full music credits, show notes, and thanks here:

Episode Two: Thanks, Credits, and Notes


Episode One // Bill Garrett and the Integration of IU Basketball

March 1, 2017

Episode One: Thanks and Show Notes


Teaser Episode

February 1, 2017

Teaser Episode: Thanks and Show Notes

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