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March to Vincennes - February 17, 1779

From Clark's Memoir:

"We marched down below the mouth of the Embarrass [River], attempting, in vain, to get to the banks of the Wabash. Late in the night . . . we encamped, and were aroused, for the first time, by the morning gun from the garrison. We continued our march, and about two o'clock, 18th, gained the banks of the Wabash, three leagues below the town, where we encamped; dispatched four men across the river on a raft to find land . . . and get some canoes. Captain W. McCarty with a few (men) set out . . . the next (day) in a little canoe he had made, for the same purpose. Both parties returned without success. . . .

"Many of our volunteers began, for the first time, to despair. . . . My own troops I knew had no idea of abandoning an enterprise from the want of provisions."

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