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Schools and the Means of Education

The following constitutional provisions were proposed by individual delegates or committees and after consideration by the Convention were rejected.


1. Establishment of Normal Training School at University. - Sec. 2. It shall also be the duty of the General Assembly, in order to furnish the common schools of the State with efficient and well qualified teachers, to establish in the State University a normal school, wherein students shall be admitted upon such conditions and instructed in such subjects as shall be prescribed by law (p. 408). Reported by the Committee on Education on Dec. 11. Laid on the table (p. 803).

2. Ingredients of University Fund. - Sec. 3. The university fund shall consist of the proceeds from the sales of the lands, granted by the United States for a seminary of learning, and of such of said lands as remain unsold, together with such grants, gifts and donations, as have been, or may hereafter be made thereto. The principal of said fund shall forever remain inviolate, and the interest and income thereof shall be applied to the maintenance of the State University, in such manner as the General Assembly may direct (pp. 708, 804). Reported by Committee on Education on Dec. 11. Amended and laid on the table by a vote of 62-61.

3. Disposition of County Seminary funds. - Section. - . The proceeds of the sale of no county seminary shall be applied to the purposes of common schools, until all existing liabilities against said seminary shall be first paid (p. 851). Laid on the table.

4. Distribution of University Fund Among Colleges of State. - Section -. The interest arising from the university fund, shall be divided annually among the several incorporated colleges in this State, in proportion to the number of students in each of said colleges during the year (p. 734). A select committee appointed to inquire into the expediency of dividing the university fund among the several colleges of the state made a divided report. A majority of the committee recommended the indefinite postponement of the proposition. Mr. Borden proposed the section given above.