Shannon Greyhat

Shannon Greyhat on left.
Shannon Greyhat on left.

Name: Shannon Greyhat

Tribe: Navajo (Diné)

Tribal Position: None

Profession: n/a

Education: BA in Special Education and Elementary Education

Favorite Sports: Basketball and volleyball

Hobbies/Special Interests: Horses, weaving, and attending rodeos.

Religion: Native American Church

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Attend Navajo cultural and social events. Just being proud to be a Native American.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: Teach my daughter about the language, religion, taboos, and other Navajo teachings taught to me by my family

Do you speak your tribal language? Yes

Misconceptions: That we don’t pay taxes, college is free, we get a lump sum of money every year, that we receive a new truck every year, we all live in teepees, that we all wear feathers all the time, that there is one Native language spoken among all the tribes.

Offensive words/actions: Being called “savages,” “uncivilized.”

Shannon Greyhat and daughter Michelle Watson
Shannon Greyhat and daughter Michelle Watson.