Brenda Lindley

Brenda K. Haffner Lindley

Name: Brenda K. Haffner Lindley

Tribe: Wea Indian Tribe, Inc., 715 Park Ave., Lafayette, IN 47904;

Tribal Position: Administrator, “Our Future Generations of Children.”

Profession: Genealogist/historian, herbalist/homeopathic practitioner, author.

Education: High school graduate, Surgical Tech, 4 years college; Q.M.A. 1 year. College, practiced 8 yrs, herbalist 16 years plus certified.

Favorite Sports: Baseball, because my son plays annually on the little league and is in his 4th and last year for little league.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Camping, hiking, nature, wildlife, gardening, avid book reading, collecting rare & historical books.

Religion: Native American Indian & Christian. 

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Powwows, longhouses, gatherings, teaching fires, beadwork and crafts, prayer, honoring my ancestors.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: Genealogical and historical research, currently writing my second book in a three volume book set on the Wea & Miami Indians, lectures and seminar presentations for schools, colleges, etc. Learning my Native language, teaching the children our ways, traditions, lifestyles and religion.

Do you speak your tribal language? A very few words. I am currently trying to learn my native language.

Misconceptions: That we all have "dark skin" and "black hair." That we all live on reservations, in tee-pees. One has to be one-half to full blood to be a "real" Indian. We all know each other, and speak the same language. We all wore full western plains-style headdresses.

Offensive words/actions: Squaw, Breed, Blood Quantum, plain ole discrimination, "How Chief." Digging up our ancestors’ bones, and ancestors’ bones on exhibit.

Max Haffner, Wea Story Teller
Max Haffner, Wea Story Teller