Marge Moody

Marge Moody

Name: Marge (White) Moody

Tribe: Pokagon Potowatomi Indian Band 4/4

Tribal Position: Elders Council Chairperson.

Profession: Medical associate and bookkeeper.

Education: Catholic schools, high school graduate.

Favorite Sports: Baseball, football, used to golf, love to walk, bike ride.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Cards, crafts, go to the malls.

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Pokagon Elder activities, bingo, gaming, beading, traditional, pow wows.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: By never forgetting who I am and who my relatives are, plus, our language, basket making.

Do you speak your tribal language? Yes, but not in sentences.

Misconceptions: Not productive, uneducated, drain on taxpayers, BIA and grant monies, not self supporting.

Offensive words/actions: Redskins, tomahawk chop, war hoops.