Jeremy Turner

Name: Jeremy Turner

Tribe: Shawnee/Wyandotte/Seneca-Cayuga

Tribal Position: Enrolled member of The Shawnee Tribe

Profession: Firefighter/EMT

Education: B. Biology from Purdue University

Favorite Sports: Football and wrestling

Hobbies/Special Interests: Hunting, fishing, trapping, and horseback riding

Religion: Traditional

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: 18th Century French and Indian War re-enactments, and pow wows.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: By doing re-enactments of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. I also speak to groups and at schools about my culture.

Do you speak your tribal language? No

Misconceptions: That we all get money from casinos. That we all lived like the plains tribes in “Dances with Wolves.” I don’t like how movies portray Natives as just bloodthirsty savages, who only wanted to kill & “scalp” people. Most people do not realize that our ancestors were just trying to protect their families and their way of life. Our wars were no different than the war that the U.S. is engaged in now. We were just trying to keep the European invaders from destroying us and our homes. American Indians have been fighting terrorism since 1492!

Offensive words/actions: When people pretend to give the “war cry”. The way that movies (Westerns) wrongly portray the way we spoke then & now.

Jeremy Turner at home.
Jeremy Turner at home.

Jeremy Turner at Anthony Wayne historical marker dedication.
Jeremy Turner at Anthony Wayne historical marker dedication.