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Sally S. Tuttle

Sally S. Tuttle
Sally S. Tuttle

Name: Sally S. Tuttle

Tribe: Choctaw, Native of Oklahoma

Tribal Position: None

Profession: Computer trainer at Ivy Tech State College—Region 5

Education: Associate Degree

Favorite Sports: Swimming

Hobbies/Special Interests: Going to pow wow and car shows

Religion: Baptist

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Attend pow wow in Indiana, I go home to Oklahoma twice a year for gathering and activities in my home community.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: I do school and group programs around the state of Indiana, and teach my grandchildren our stories that was passed down from my grandmother. Any chance I get I try to take the opportunity to educate those people I am with about the Native American Indian community.

Do you speak your tribal language? Some, but not as much as I use to because I have no one else to speak Choctaw with.

Misconceptions: That we are still alive and living in Indiana. That we wear customs, when it is regalia to honor our ancestors of the past. That all Native American Indians practice the same traditions. We should wear paint in order to be Native American Indians. The schools, except those doing programs about our people to come in wearing our regalia.

Offensive words/actions: Squaw, which means women vagina. A picture of a Native American Indian wearing a headdress. We are Woodland people and we don't wear full headdresses and never have.