Barbara Ann Warren

Barbara Ann Warren and Family
Barbara Ann Warren and Family

Name: Barbara Ann Warren

Tribe: Pokagon Potawatomi

Tribal Position: Former Tribal Council member and Co-chair Housing Committee.

Profession: Registered Nurse – work on rehab floor at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center-Mishawaka Campus

Education: BSN, Valparaiso University, 1997.

Favorite Sports: Boxing, football.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Sing - both behind tribal drum and Karaoke. Out of 150 contestants, I won first prize of a Karaoke system, singing Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools!” I sew-have made tradition Potawatomi Regalia & traditional European style wedding dresses, more people own my beadwork than I do. I make several styles of moccasins. I do ribbon work. I love to knit! I crochet. I have finger woven belts without looms. I play violin and viola. I dance— won 2nd place at Kee Boon Mein Koa Contest Pow Wow 2004 after having both my knees replaced. Although I play poorly, I love scrabble. I love to play literati, mahjong, JT Blocks, and Bingo on Yahoo I love my dog Rusty Roo (my Namosh - my Moocagish) and Salem, my cat, would be upset if she knew that! I’m currently writing a book about my young life—growing up down the street from Studebaker & the dark cloud that hung over the neighborhood when the factory closed. Can’t get any sleep until I’ve attacked the South Bend Tribune’s daily crossword puzzle. And, I take every opportunity to learn more about my profession as an RN. I take a whollistic approach to nursing my patients - mind - body – spirit. Life’s too short not to be Potawatomi!

Religion: I grew up Catholic, mixed with Midewiwin (Native American religion).

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Pow wows, Longhouse, Tribal Council meetings, currently starting language classes.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: Teaching, speaking what I know to my children and grandchildren. I have 7 children 3 “men” & 4 beautiful young women. I have grandchildren.

Do you speak your tribal language? I am trying to learn more.

Misconceptions: That we are all either a “child of Nature” or “just like being White.”

Offensive words/actions: I hate the word “Squaw,” certain team mascot’s that depict Indians, and St. Joseph High School, South Bend, has “Squaws” and “Warriors” on their bathroom doors.