John Phillip Warren

Patrice J. and John Phillip Warren
Patrice J. and John Phillip Warren

Name: John Phillip Warren

Tribe: Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians

Tribal Position: Veteran, U.S. Army. Military service is highly honored among Native People.

Profession: Factory-RMG Foundry, certified massage therapist.

Education: High school, certified massage therapist.

Favorite Sports: College football, Notre Dame football.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Fishing, singing, travel.

Religion: Native beliefs.

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Pow wows, sweat lodge, longhouse, singing, dancing, seasonal feast.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: Listening to elders, speaking language, socializing with other natives, spiritual gatherings, praying with tobacco

Do you speak your tribal language? Some.

Misconceptions: All Natives are skin tone, all live in tepees, drunks, all have casinos.

Offensive words/actions: The word (Injun) Cleveland Indian Mascot, mascots, redskins.