Rhonda Warren

Name: Rhonda Warren

Tribe: Pokagon Potawatomi

Tribal Position: Tribal member.

Profession: Tribal receptionist.

Education: High school diploma, certified massage therapist.

Favorite Sports: Football, Notre Dame.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Beading, exercising, Native language.

Religion: Traditional Native American.

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: The way I live my life, the NDN way.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: Listening to elders, learning something new everyday about our ways, passing it on to my children and teaching them.

Do you speak your tribal language? Somewhat.

Misconceptions: That we don’t exist anymore, that we act the way the T.V. has us acting.\

Offensive words/actions: squaw, savage, red man, scalping, “whooting” with their mouth, the media with their stereo typing.


Edited 11/15/12: Image removed by request.