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Archaeology in Indiana - the Early Years - Focus

This issue is the first collaboration on archaeology with the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DHPA, IDNR). James R. Jones III, Ph.D. and Amy L. Johnson are guest editors; they are profiled on page 14.

Below are some useful tips for "Responsible artifact collecting."

On page 3 is a glossary for reference.

A very brief overview of the development of the science of archaeology is presented on page 4. More contextual information is in the timeline.

On pages 5-8, there is an introduction to archaeological work in Indiana.

On pages 9-13, some highlights from the 1928-1929 survey and excavation in the Whitewater River Valley are presented to introduce some techniques of early modern archaeological investigation.

Archaeologists must assign standard soil colors so that comparisons can be made. The ink color used in this issue matches a standard dark red soil color. For those who want more, it is 10R, 3/6 in the Munsell Soil Color Charts (rev. ed., New York, 1992).

The June 2000 issue [Archaeology - the Science Today] will delve into more current history and archaeological investigations in Indiana.