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Classroom Resources

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Research Help

Pointers for Research

Hints and instructions for research in a variety of settings and situations, using various types of resources.

paper 8 pp. 1997/$.50/Order No. 6066

Old Schoolhouse Gang: Some Guidelines for School Oral History Projects

Southside Elementary School

How to collect and preserve local history using oral interviews.

paper 16 pp. 1990/$.50/Order No. 6037 

Folklore in the Classroom Workbook


Contains content essays by professional folklorists and reproducible exercises for each chapter:

Introducing Folklore

Defining Folklore, Folklore Genres, Finding Folklore, The Folk Culture Approach: Putting Folklore in Context

Folklore and Subject Areas

Folklore, English, and Language Arts, Folklore, History, and Social Studies, Folklore in Domestic Life, Using Folklore to Teach Mathematics and Science

Folklore and Issues in Education

Making Sense Out of Contemporary Phenomena, Using Local Resources, Cultural Diversity and Folklore

Among the appendices is a handbook on preservation basics: "So, You Want to Preserve History?--Some Things You Should Know."

3-hole punched; sections separately paged; reprint 1997 (1985)
ISBN 1-885323-51-4/$10.75 Order No. 4019

History Resources

BROADSIDES: Indiana, the Early Years

Dani B. Pfaff


BROADSIDES makes reproductions of primary source materials from Indiana history available for students and teachers to use across the curriculum.

The Resource Guide provides introductions to the period and the subjects covered, including document introductions, activities, maps, timelines, reference materials, various finding aids to help match subject areas with the documents, and two supplemental related documents for each of the twenty-five packet documents.

Document packets each consist of five document reproductions (two views each) and two supplementary sheets in an envelope.

The Indiana Historian has been available as a digital download for some time, and now, you can download BROADSIDES!  Click the links below to download this resource (there are 9 files total).  

Resource Guide/3 hole punched 424 pp. 1987 

Download a digital copy:  Teacher Resource GuideSupplemental Materials, Maps, and Finding Aids 

ISBN 1-885323-50-6/$8.50/Order No. 4006

Document Packets

paper 1987/$.75

Commerce, Trade, and Agriculture
(Order No. 6004)   Download a digital copy

Daily Life
(Order No. 6005)  Download a digital copy

(Order No. 6006)  Download a digital copy

(Order No. 6007)  Download a digital copy

Transportation and Communication
(Order No. 6008)  Download a digital copy

Document Packet Set

Includes one of each of the five packets.

paper 5 packets 1987/$3.00
Order No. 6009

The Word "Hoosier"

History and theories of the derivations of Indiana's nickname.

paper 2 pp. revised 1984/ OUT OF PRINT (Download Available or Read a digital copy)  

Indiana's Road to Statehood

Hubert H. Hawkins, comp

Text of documents important to Indiana statehood.

paper 95 pp. reprint 1997 (1969)/ISBN 1-885323-53-0/$3.50
Order No. 6031 

Indiana's Pioneer Heritage and the End of the Twentieth Century

James H. Madison

Considers Indiana's beginnings and those who created it.

paper 8 pp. 1996/$.50/Order No. 6070  

Read a digital copy

Historic Iron Bridges of Indiana

Joseph Saldibar III.

The history, truss types, and photographs of Indiana iron bridges.

paper 8 pp. 1999/ISSN 0019-6649/$.50/Order No. 6074

Covered Bridges in Indiana

Details truss types, photographs, information about numbers of bridges now and in the past. List of existing covered bridges by county.

paper 8 pp. 1998 /ISSN 0019-6649 /$.50/Order No. 6072

Indiana Barns

Images and text describing the many types of barns found in Indiana.

paper 8 pp. 2001/ISSN 0019-6649/$.50/Order No. 8031

Related Issues of The Indiana Historian

paper/ISSN 1071-3301/$1.00 (1-19 copies); $.30 (20 or more copies)

List of all Indiana Historians grouped by topic (many of these issues are on the Web site).

Unlocking the Past--You Hold the Key

Introduction to research in local history with examples and checklist.

paper 16 pp. 1993/$1.00 or $.30 each if 20 or more of any title purchased
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