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Portrait Locations

In July 2009, the Indiana State Museum was designated [IC 14-20-16-1] custodian of the Indiana Governors' Portraits Collection.  Contact at the Indiana State Museum is Kara S. Vetter, Registrar, kvetter@indianamuseum.org

The Indiana Historical Bureau continues to maintain this information in cooperation with the Indiana State Museum.  Updated location information is generally provided to IHB annually.  Last update: 5/21/2014.

Attorney General's office State House room 219

  • Issac Pusey Gray
  • Abram Adams Hammond
  • William Henry Harrison by Barton Stone Hays
  • William Hendricks
  • Alvin Peterson Hovey
  • Warren Terry McCray
  • Noah Noble
  • David Wallace
  • James Whitcomb
  • Joseph Albert Wright

Auditor of State State House room 240

  • Ralph F. Gates

Governor's inner office State House room 206

  • Thomas Riley Marshall
  • Oliver Perry Morton by James Forbes
  • Robert Dunkerson Orr
  • Jonathan Jennings by Theodore Clement Steele 
  • William Henry Harrison by Theodore Clement Steele
  • Thomas Andrews Hendricks by T.C. Steele

Governor's outer office State House room 206

  • Evan Bayh
  • Otis R. Bowen
  • Frank O'Bannon
  • Joseph E. Kernan
  • Edgar D. Whitcomb
  • Mitch Daniels

House Ways and Means Committee State House room 404

  • Thomas Andrews Hendricks by William R. Freeman
  • Ashbel Parsons Willard
  • James Putnam Goodrich
  • Jonathan Jennings by James Forbes

Indiana State Library and Historical Building room 401

  • Paris Chipman Dunning
  • James Brown Ray

Lieutenant Governor's inner office State House room 333

  • Oliver Perry Morton by T.C. Steele

Office of Management and Budget State House room 212

  • James Frank Hanly

Secretary of State's office State House room 201

State House room 401-A

  • Edward L. Jackson

State House room 401-D

  • Henry Frederick Schricker by Randolph LaSalle Coats

Treasurer of State's office State House room 242

  • Emmett Forrest Branch
  • George N. Craig
  • Harold W. Handley
  • Henry Smith Lane
  • Claude Matthews
  • Thomas Posey
  • Henry Frederick Schricker by Marie Goth
  • Maurice Clifford Townsend

Indiana State Museum

  • James Douglas Williams
  • Ratliff Boon
  • James Atwell Mount
  • Conrad Baker
  • Winfield Taylor Durbin
  • Harry Guyer Leslie
  • Paul Vories McNutt 
  • Roger D. Branigin 
  • Matthew E. Welsh
  • Albert Gallatin Porter
  • Samuel Bigger
  • Ira Joy Chase
  • Samuel Moffett Ralston