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Parke Success Story

Life Jacket Distribution

On May 4, Parke County Health Department (PCHD) distributed 43 life jackets to children participating in the Fishing Derby at Rockville Lake. Because of Health First Indiana funding, PCHD raised awareness about water safety and injury prevention. “Ensuring the safety of our community members, especially children, is paramount”, says Natalie Cole, Parke County Health Department nurse. “By providing life jackets to young anglers at the Fishing Derby, we hope to instill good safety practices early on and reduce the risk of water-related injuries”.

As part of the ongoing Health First Indiana campaign, PCHD is focusing on trauma and injury prevention initiatives. “We believe that prevention is key to maintaining the health and wellbeing of our community”, says Cole. “By working together with partners like Rockville Lake, we can make significant strides in promoting safety and reducing the incidence of preventable injuries”.

parke success story

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