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Montgomery Success Story

Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD) began offering a diaper pantry in January 2024. Parents can apply for diapers, or they can be referred by community partners. The number of diapers a family is given is based on the child’s age.

The diaper pantry gives MCHD the opportunity to connect with families in the community and offer education on safe sleep, water safety, child lead poisoning prevention and immunizations. Administrator Adrianne Northcutt says the MCHD team meets families where they are and offers individualized resources and support.

The diaper pantry recently served a local family in need. A community partner referred the family and MCHD supplied them with a month’s supply of diapers for three children. This program is sustained by Health First Indiana funding and continues to be a touchpoint betweenMCHD and community members.young girl

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