Pregnant Women Income Chart

Pregnant women:
If you are pregnant, the chart below will indicate the best initial place to apply for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Pregnant women with household incomes of 213 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or less should apply through the state of Indiana at using the state application. Pregnant women with household incomes between 213 percent and 400 percent of the FPL may be eligible for subsidized coverage through the federal health exchange and should apply at using the federal application. Pregnant women with household incomes over 400 percent FPL may apply for coverage at, but may also seek coverage via the existing commercial health insurance market. For assistance call 1-800-318-2596.

Click on the income range in your household size to see what health care benefits you may qualify for.


Household Size Family Income*
1 $27,151.11 or less $27,151.12 - $48,560.00 $48,560.01 or more
2 $36,812.79 or less $36,812.80 - $65,840.00 $65,840.01 or more
3 $46,474.47 or less $46,474.48 - $83,120.00 $83,120.01 or more
4 $56,136.15 or less $56,136.16 - $100,400.00 $100,400.01 or more
5 $65,797.83 or less $65,797.84 - $117,680.00 $117,680.01 or more
6 $75,459.51 or less $75,459.52 - $134,960.00 $134,960.01 or more
7 $85,121.19 or less $85,121.20 - $152,240.00 $152,240.01 or more
8 $94,782.87 or less $94,728.88 - $169.520.00 $169,520.01 or more

Note: Pregnancy Medicaid is not considered to be "minimum essential coverage" by the Internal Revenue Service and, therefore, will not satisfy the federal government's minimum coverage requirements in order to avoid a tax penalty. Loss of pregnancy Medicaid coverage for any reason such as an increase in income, will not qualify you for a special enrollment period. Therefore, individuals may wish to obtain subsidized health coverage via the federal health exchange ( along with pregnancy Medicaid coverage from the State of Indiana.

Legend: Apply for Indiana's Health Coverage Programs - Apply on Exchange - Apply Exchange or Commercial Market

* Projected 2018 gross household income (not take-home pay); the incomes listed are based on the 2018 federal poverty level.

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