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Identification Requirements

All requests require proper identification, proof of relationship or direct interest, or proof of legal interest to the person named on the record. Requests sent without proper identification or documentation will be returned without being processed.

Identification requirements may be fulfilled by submitting one valid Primary Document or two valid Secondary Documents. All documents must be current and valid; expired documents are not acceptable.

Accepted Primary Documents (One Form of Identification):

  • Government Issued Driver’s License / State ID – front and back required
  • US Military ID – front and back required
  • Passport
  • Veterans ID
  • Green Mexico Consular ID

Accepted Secondary Documents (Two Forms of Identification):

  • Signed Social Security Card
  • Department of Correction ID Card or Printout – must include picture
  • College School ID – with proof of current enrollment (transcript, letter from administration)
  • Work ID Badge – with proof of current employment (computerized paycheck stub, letter from employer)
  • Voter Registration Card – with name and current address
  • Current Vehicle Registration – with name and current address (not Title of Ownership)
  • Military Discharge (DD-214)
  • Home Lease/Rental Agreement or Warranty Deed – with name, current address and signature(s)

Those with Amish or Religious Exceptions must submit a letter from the Bishop/Clergy along with one form of primary documentation or two forms of secondary documentation.

Amish Primary Documents (One Form of Identification with letter from Bishop/Clergy):

  • Non-Photo ID

Amish Secondary Documents (Two Forms of Identification with letter from Bishop/Clergy):

  • Signed Social Security Card or IRS From 4029 (exemption of SSN)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • School Records

Check the Identification Requirements list to determine your eligibility as well as the proper identification and relationship document needed.