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Corrections & Amendments

Requirements to correct or amend a vital record vary widely depending on the requested change. Simple corrections may be made to an individual’s own birth record, or their child’s record if the child is a minor, if no other correction or court has ever been filed against the record. Simple corrections include minor spelling changes, minor date of birth changes (day only), or parent’s place of birth; valid documentary evidence must be provided to verify the requested changes. For more information, see the Change/Amend a Birth Certificate page.

Paternity Affidavits and minor corrections can be filed at the local health department in the jurisdiction where the birth occurred; however, that health department should be contacted for specific information. A list of local health departments and how to contact them can be found on the Local Health Department Contacts page.

Changes to death records must be made by the funeral director that filed the original certificate. For more information, see the Change/Amend a Death Certificate page.

To make sure that the proper procedure is followed for the correction you request, please contact Vital Records at (317) 233-2700, and you will be directed to the appropriate personnel.