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Register a Putative Father

Indiana’s Putative Father Registry is a database that maintains information from males that believe they may have fathered a child, and that child may be placed up for adoption. If a man has established paternity with a Paternity Affidavit at either the hospital or local health department, or through a Court Order, they do not need to register as a Putative Father for that child.

Before an adoption can be processed, the adopting party is required by law (IC 31-19-2.5) to notify any man registered with the Putative Father Registry as a potential father of the child up for adoption. To request a search of the registry, please complete and submit a Request for Putative Father Search and Affidavit of Search Results, State Form 54808, along with appropriate identification. A search of the registry costs $16.00.

To register with Indiana’s Putative Father Registry, please complete and submit the Indiana Putative Father Registration, State Form 46750. For more information, please call Customer Service at (317) 233-2700 and they will help direct your call.