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TB Skin Test Training/Validation

For information on State TB skin test training requirements, click here.

The Indiana Department of Health offers a free online course on the In-Train platform https://in.train.org that is a prerequisite for some Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) training programs.

Indiana Local Health Departments

A new course is available as of November 8, 2021! The new course number is 5338, and the course name is 'IDOH Tuberculosis (TB) Basics and TB Tests Used to Identify TB Infection'

Please see the instructions for creating an In-Train account and taking the course in the the attached pdf file.

All Others

Please consult with your TST training program as to whether to take the new online course or the older course if it is considered a pre-requisite.

The prior course is titled '2019, 2020, and 2021 - ISDH - Basic Tuberculosis and TB Skin Testing' and the course number is 1084082. Instructions for creating an In-Train account and taking this course can be located in the attached pdf file.