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The 2002 Indiana Natality Report includes information on births to Indiana residents that occurred during 2002. Information is presented at the state, county, and city level (the 26 largest cities). This report includes data by age, race, and marital status of the parents; characteristics of the newborn such as birth order and congenital anomalies; and outcome indicators such as alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy, gestation length, and birth weight.

The 2002 Indiana Natality Report also includes information on the number of reported pregnancies by county of residence and age of mother. Reported pregnancies include live births, fetal deaths, and terminated pregnancies (performed in Indiana). Rates per 1,000 females in selected age groups are also provided.

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), through provisions in Indiana Code 16-37-1, administers "...a system of vital statistics for Indiana." The Vital Statistics Team of the ISDH compiles data from original birth certificates filed with the ISDH, and from transcripts of original certificates for Indiana residents giving birth in other states. The Data Analysis Team of the Epidemiology Resource Center compiles these data and produces standard statistical reports.

ISDH receives information from other states on Indiana residents who have given birth outside of Indiana (ROOS births).  The method of coding the month that prenatal care began is not uniform from state to state.  Because of these inconsistencies, this variable has been standardized and recalculated for all ROOS births.


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